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Happy 2001 Christmas Greetings and a Healthy, Successful New Year, Friends!


We enjoy wishing you a Merry Christmas.In spite of terrorist attacks and the war against terrorism, this year has been a satisfying one, as we get comfortable in our spacious newly renovated house.We have been pleased to complete many outstanding construction jobs including driveway paving, verandah tiles and brick tuck-pointing.Landscaping still awaits Lily's attention and saving some money although she has completed a plan drawn to scale for the backyard.Water restrictions, which limit us to two lawn-watering sessions a week, have curbed our ambitions for a reticulation system.With our gas fireplaces and central air conditioning, winter was cozy and summers cool.


Lily continues to like South Lake Primary School in her position as principal for her fifthyear. Her work is never dull, and she welcomes the challenge of leadership and solving problems tackling each day with zest.She enjoys a great staff who are innovative and hardworking, children who are interesting and vibrant and the odd parent who enjoys sparring.She has had another wonderful year with a very stable staff and her long-term plans for school improvement are finally coming to fruition.She remains in fine health and enjoys her busy lifestyle.


Don has continued healthy but at 55 years of age has unfortunately added a little girth to his middle. Too much red wine and beer, he thinks.He has continued working for his ninth year for Peel District Education Office as a psychologist four days a week and enjoys counseling students.This is his fourth year at Warnbro Community High School <> and Port Kennedy Primary School with both schools within a half kilometre of the sand dunes and white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean. (Please see this site for a real time surf camera view of our beaches located near our home, shown to the left.) Cottesloe Beach††† (††


Don (VK6DN) continued to chat away happily on 2 meters (amateur radio) during the one-hour drive to and from work and has made new friends. As his car lease expired, he purchased a new Ford Fairmont.He has added an 85 watt linear to the car amateur radio and set up an internet radio repeater linking system which allows him to link his local Fremantle repeater via the internet to any of 300 repeaters world wide with sites throughout Canada including node 275, Kingston and node 209, his home town of Belleville. (See IRLP for more information on this world wide system.Follow the link on this page It allows you to listen to IRLP Reflector 2 over the internet to experience repeater linking in real audio.)The connection is by our new 500 kHz ADSL link running on a Linux machine connected to a 2-meter radio, tuned to the Fremantle repeater frequency.The project involved three months learning the Linux operating system and coordinating installation.Don continues to be excited with the innovation.


Donís spare time still continues to be spent on frequent visits to a 15-theatre megaplex to see most of the new release films and regular reading of new release books by his favourite authors.On his day off each Wednesday he meets a friend for lunch, and a cappuccino.Our shopping complex with ten shops in Subiaco continues to go well, with mostly reliable tenants, although we have been anxious for six months over renting an empty shop.Lily has taken over billing and GST accounting and is keeping closer track of the outstanding debts than Don managed. Don enjoyed a July holiday on the tropical island of Penang off the west coast of Malaysia.The resort hotel in Batu Ferengi was lovely with numerous small eating establishments and shopping areas outside the hotel.Numerous Saudi Arabian tourists with women totally wrapped up in black gowns added a somber note to the poolside festivities. Pirate DVD and computer software stores that offered every film and software imaginable for $4.00 per cdrom particularly impressed Don.

In October Don visited the state of Puket, a tropical island in Thailand.The hotel and beach was in part used for site for the film The Beach..

( The locationwas exceptionally beautiful as shown in the photo above.Tourist numbers were low and the Thai tourist industry suffered.Thai food was excellent, the seafood outstanding and the local people were friendly.Don rented a car for a week and toured the island.While Don was in Puket, Lily visited Singapore with her school friend, Terri, staying in the famous Stamford Hotel overlooking the city.Her holiday was an immense success and thoroughly relaxing.


Weíve enjoyed the company of our visitors this year, Michael Hand from Albany and Ken, and Robyn Liebeck with Britt age 7 and Curtis age 9 from the farm.We have lots of fun doing films and dining out at MacDonalds: great experiences for these country kids.Curtis will be visiting us prior to Christmas to see the Harry Potter movie and we look forward to spending Christmas with the Liebecks on the farm. The farm has benefited from a favourable yearafter a dry start in the Spring and the Liebecks are pleased with their crop yields and wheat prices.


We were saddened this year by the death of Hazel, Donís mother who passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of ninety.We had visited her two years ago, in good health, but her hearing and mobility had declined steadily since then.Donís sister Margaret Richmond remains in good health since her battle with leukemia three years ago.


With the new house, we have expanded accommodation and have recently added a new wide screen TV with digital and satellite decoders providing 100 channels.We welcome your visit to our abode and love getting your correspondence.We hope that this finds you well and best wishes for a happy, healthy, enjoyable and prosperous New Year.


With best regards


Don Pugh and Lily Auld.