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Happy Christmas Greetings and a Healthy, Successful New Year, Friends!


This is the email version of our Christmas newsletter.  There is a plain text copy, and attached as a file, an HTML version with photos and active links.  Open the html file with a browser.


We enjoy wishing you a Merry Christmas yet again.  The stress and uncertainty of waiting for the completion of our house innovations has caused reduced email contact this year.  We moved back to our home in November after an 18-month absence and are still busy getting settled in.


Lily works at South Lake Primary School as principal for her fourth challenging year. Her work is never dull, with a great staff whom are innovative and hardworking, children who are interesting and vibrant and the odd parent who enjoys to spar.   The school has made huge gains in the area of Aboriginal Education and has quite a high reputation with Indigenous families.   The year has been stressful for Lily with challenges in supervising building construction on a daily basis then moving back to Irvine Street to unpack. Don essentially opted out of the building project early- far too much conflict and decision making for him!  Lily has learned a whole new range of skills associated with dealing with the building trades.  A refrigerator full of beer will fix many issues!


Both Don and Lily are pleased with the completion of our ‘new’ 1905 style federation home.  Our wide main corridor now opens into a substantial room, which combines lounge and kitchen.  This room overlooks a pleasant limestone patio and back garden through two large French style glass doors.  Three bathrooms, two bedrooms and a sunroom have been added.  Lily is very pleased with her large fridge, new oven and marble kitchen surfaces.




Don has been healthy and has continued working for his eight year for Peel District Education Office <http://www.eddept.wa.edu.au/deo/peel/index.htm> as a psychologist four days a week.  This is his third year at Warnbro Community High School <http://www.warnbro.wa.edu.au> and Port Kennedy Primary. Both schools are within a half kilometer of the sand dunes and white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean. (Please see this site for a real time surf camera view of our beaches located near our home.  BankWest - PerthCam PLUS - Cottesloe Beach  http://perthcam.bankwest.com.au/cott.html)   Don (VK6DN) continued to chat on 2 metres (amateur radio) during the one-hour drive to work and has used the internet to chat over both UHF and VHF repeaters in Canada, US, UK and NZ. This site gives further information on this activity http://www.qsl.net/g3zhi/ ) The internet has replaced his need for a tower, beam and HF rig.  His spare time still continues to be spent on frequent visits to a 15-theatre megaplex to see most of the new release films and regular reading of new release books by his favourite authors.  He has also purchased an 866 MHZ Dell computer, which gets used to phone friends using the Internet, play MP3 music and experiment with new shareware.  He spends a lot of time fixing overloaded or corrupted operating systems.  The new computer has been networked to others in the house.  On his day off each Wednesday he meets a friend for lunch, a beer and a cappuccino.  This relaxed lifestyle agrees with him more and more in his 54th year. 


Don’s sister Margaret to whom Don donated bone marrow in 1999 remains well as does Don’s 90 year old mother Hazel.  Don’s brother George and his wife Pat now have two sons Trevor and Kevin in university and a third Steven in high school.  We hope they will manage a trip to Perth in the future.


© ADCK - RPBWWe enjoyed one short but pleasurable trip this year, involving a flight at midnight to Sydney in September, then on to Noumea in New Caledonia.  New Caledonia is a tropical island, about 200 km in length, located 2000 KM East of Brisbane in the South Pacific.  It is still a French-speaking colony with excellent French cuisine and enjoys biweekly direct flights to Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and Auckland.  We stayed in a Meridien Hotel overlooking the beach, which can be viewed by another real time web camera at  http://webcam.kaori.nc/  Don particularly admired the French-speaking girls who couldn’t seem to wait to strip down and hit the beach.  Besides admiring this scenery we rented a small car to explore the very hilly terrain, nickel mining and Tjibaou, the Polynesian cultural center pictured above. Le Centre Culturel TJIBAOU vous souhaite la bienvenue sur son site ... http://www.adck.nc/


We’ve enjoyed the company of our visitors this year, the Crowthers from the UK who visited the Olympic games and Michael Hand from Albany.  With the new house, we have expanded accommodation and welcome a visit.  We love getting your correspondence, reading and rereading it.  We hope that this finds you well and best wishes for a happy, healthy, enjoyable and prosperous New Year.



With best regards and love





Don Pugh and Lily Auld.

10 December 2000