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  Christmas letter summarizing the 2005 year as we entered 2006.
  In January, 2006 Don with Lily copied over a thousand faded slides taken by Don between 1970 to 1976.  All these slides have been put online. These pictures are now on my website after thirty years in the attic. They may be viewed from the relevant 1970--1976 period IN THIS INDEX.

Between March and December, 2006, i used most of my spare time to convert all my photos of my travels into some three Hundred videos.  INDEX LOCATED HERE.

    In March, 2006 my brother Dr George Pugh visited for four days with his wife, Pat.  Here's his videos with the Daegu, Korea video narrated by George himself.
    In July, 2006, my friend Richard Smetek and myself flew to Darwin, NT for a two week tropical vacation.  It was well documented by twenty videos INDEXED HERE ON VIDEO.GOOGLE.COM.


    In August, 2006 my nephew Kevin Pugh, my brother George's middle child, visited for two weeks.  I signed him up for a PADI one week SCUBA diving course which he completed and was certified to dive up to 18 feet.  He taught English for a full year in Daegu, Korea and is returning to Vancouver to become a teacher. Here's his vidoes.
  In October, 2006 Don purchased a seven meter caravan in preparation for retirement from his workplace in DECEMBER, 2006.
  In the Spring months of September to December, 2006 Don completed a number of cycle trails around Perth with a group of friends cycling or in electric wheelchairs.  These machines travel at 12 km/hr and we'd complete twenty to thirty kilometres in a run.  Don would take photos with particular emphasis on historical sites and try to interpret the trip in ten minutes.  Here's the October Maylands run with a stop over in the historical  Tranby House.
    TED Talks or Treat Everyone Decently for a safe and friendly environment. (SAFE). With the school chaplain Nick Gwynn, talks were given in 2005 and 2006 for two hours weekly to classes from years eight to eleven, about twelve to fourteen classes weekly. I filmed the talk quickly in my office at the end of the two hours and they may be watched here. Thanks to Nick Gwynn, a wonderful individual, in supporting this initiative and in pushing my wheelchair from class to class.

  In the last six years Don supervised one or two University of Western Australia fifth year psychologist in three to six week work experience placements.  In 2006, Don supervised these students, filmed giving talks: Chris McInnes, October to Dec, Chris Wood, August and September, and Dayna Luscombe May and June. These students contributed as much to me as I did to them and I appreciated their help and wish them success in their careers.
           By the end of 2006, the novelty of being a school psychologist was wearing thin after thirteen years of practice.  On graduating with an Masters of Psychology degree in 1992, Don had always thought that obtaining ten years employment as a high level quadriplegic in his fifties would be ample reward for his third career.  He was delighted to manage thirteen years of employment.  Here Don explains only a few of the duties of a school psychologist to Chris McInnes, a work experience placement in an casual chat.  What Don doesn't mention in his dislikes, is the constant pressure to maintain detailed typewritten notes on each encounter with a student, and to fill out unending forms to obtain funds from the government for parents of intellectually handicapped students and to obtain teacher aide time to support those students. The principal also demands "data based" detailed evaluations of each one of the psychologists' negotiated tasks. It seems the job is less about helping, than in record keeping for protective purposes.  

  Don heard about Orthostatic Hypotension because of its publicity through the famous Australian children's show personality of Greg Page of the Wiggles. Page was diagnosed with a non-life-threatening yet chronic illness called orthostatic intolerance or POTS. Symptoms include dizziness, lightheadedness, headache, and blurred or dimmed vision. This caused Greg to announce his retirement from The Wiggles on November 30, 2006. Don is experiencing the same challenge.  A two hour return drive to Rockingham for work was incompatible with this illness and Don chose to retire at 60 years of age at the end of the 2006 school year.
  Don and Lily's annual Christmas letter of Dec. 2006 reviewed our year's activities.  CHRISTMAS LETTER INDEX    2006 CHRISTMAS LETTER IN PDF FORMAT.

  My single largest 2006 project was turning all my photos into small movies using the Abode Photoshop Elements programme and posting them on http//  Google keeps statistics on the viewings of each film.  By the end of 2006, total viewings had reached nearly 300,000. Here's 2006 ranked by popularity with, of course, the date posted being a hidden factor.
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  Don sold his 2001 Fairmont in early January for $11,000. dollars after clocking up 100,000 km in the last five years.


   He purchased a Falcon station wagon equipped for pulling his caravan, instead. It came equipped with hand controls and a wheelchair hoist as well as a very sturdy hitch.
  My brother-in-law Ken Richmond with my sister Margaret Richmond visited for two weeks from Ridgetown, Ontario from Dec 30th to Jan 16th, 2007.  Don kept them very busy and they feature in these videos. KEN AND MARGARET RICHMOND VIDEOS HERE
  Curtis, my nephew, made this video as a part of a school project, interviewing Don's sister, Margaret Richmond, about Don's early life and the impact of his accident and quadriplegia, in 1978. Curtis asks about Don's parents, Ernie and Hazel Pugh, and their views on raising children, Margaret, Don and George.curtis
  Don's sixth birthday on Jan. 3rd, 2007 was celebrated by a party at our home on Sunday, 7th January from 12.00 to 6.00 pm.  Unlimited food, beer, wine and liquor was provided to fifty relaxed guests.  Photos have been converted to a video available here.  A FEW CARDS  INVITATION IN PDF
  Turning sixty years of age made Don eligible for a SENIORS CARD, joining a new group of people, the grey haired retired brigade. Don's dad, Ernie enjoyed twenty-five years of retirement until his death at ninety years of age.  Don's now understanding why he enjoyed it so much. talking about it does really annoy the workers, though.
  Feb 9, 2007  Don Watch's home in Ontario.  This is what I'm missing by migrating to Australia in Feb. 1976.  They've cancelled all their car trips.  More photos in pdf of their house with two metres of snow beginning to bury their windows.  HERE AND HERE 1 SUNROOM SMILE.
  Don really enjoyed a full day outing to MUNDARING WEIR, following a historic early twentieth railway spur for ten kilometres to this important landmark.  Watch his trip and learn about the construction of the weir.
  Feb. 17th, 2007.  A mews article in the West Australian newspaper concerning a Perth man bitten by a Tiger snake in his garden.  It's important to be careful in the scrublands when visiting nature.  ARTICLE HERE IN PDF FORMAT.
  Cane toads are coming to Western Australia.  Learn about them here. 

A very amusing 4 minute animated video on the Australian cane toad.



  February 7 marked Chinese New Year's celebration for Don's dining group, the Prawn heads.  Eighteen people attended at the Saigon Restaurant with dancing Lions and fireworks.  Don's really enjoying his retirement activities.    Some photos here in pdf.

  In mid-February, Don borrowed a GPS and had his first attempt at Geocaching in Perry Lakes Nature Reserve.  The attempt was unsuccessful but Don was occupied for the next week in editing his  photos, researching, and producing these videos on REABOLD HILL and PERRY LAKES NATURE RESERVE.
  MORE PHOTOS IN PDF SLIDE SHOW 650 KB  Click on photo for next. Captain Mitchell  takes the liquid nitrogen filled Selkirk from Dampier WA through a Mid-March 2007 cyclone to Japan.  The liquid gas gradually thaws and will explode in a few weeks making this risk taking adventuresome 39 year old captain the youngest in the business.
                    A March, 2007 video about visiting Cottesloe Beach, which is only four blocks from Don's house.

  The end of an era:  After 40 years of production the Ford motor company terminated the Fairlane in April, 2007  The increased price of fuel and perhaps, a growing green awareness, has led to a trend away from large motor vehicles.  Having grown up in Canada, with American motor vehicles, I drove two, similar to the Marquis pictured at the bottom and leased new car similar to the top one.  They were a wonderful car, immensely powerful and easy to drive.  However, with fuel scarcity their time had come.


In May Don suffered a detached retina, but following immediate laser surgery by a retina ophthalmologist and a month of blindness in his left eye, his eye sight was restored.  Unfortunately, from July to the present, he has gradually been losing clarity in his right eye due to cloudy fluid around his lens, a condition he hopes to fix with further laser surgery.  Fortunately, his vision remains good in his left eye.  



The five thousand kilometre trek north went smoothly and most enjoyably, with stunning rugged scenery of the Pilbarra and Kimberley regions.  Everyone was awed by the stark, vast, and rugged terrain with its very empty spaces and few people.  The gorges, creeks and billabongs were bone dry, sun drenched with grasses burnt golden, midst acacia, Spinifex, and mulga. Reddish sandstone cliffs, ridges, escarpments and mesas dominated the picturesque and fascinating landscape. Everyone loved the dry hot weather and daily routine of unbroken cloudless blue skies and burning hot sunshine. Bill and Sue camped beside the caravan nightly, wary of the numerous crocodiles nearby infesting the northern rivers.  Don was particularly proud that he drove a third of the distance with hand controls, while pulling a heavy caravan, handling sway, impatient road trains, Willy willies, and stray kangaroos, horses and cattle along the unfenced highways. 


Don's slides converted to movies here.


In spite of health concerns Don has moved on from work without any regrets or boredom to an exciting wonderful year by preparing, being absorbed in and enjoying  a nearly five month caravan or trailer trip around Northern Australia. between the end of July and December.   In 1988 Don  had greatly enjoyed an adventuresome eight month trip around the USA and Canada in a converted school bus while Lily worked in Kingston, Ontario.  Early last year during a visit by Bill and Sue Van Wart from Ontario, an offer was made by them to join Don in a trip from Perth to Darwin in the Canadian school holidays of July and August, 2007.  Don later in 2006 came across an advert for a twenty foot caravan which had been expressly constructed for a wheelchair. Don bought the caravan and car that went with it, and found a friend who allowed him free parking.  Early 2007 was spent hunting for a suitable retired pensioner  with skills in  caring for disabled people, and repair and caravanning experience.  Don was fortunate to located James Wright, a 63 year old retired Scotsman, who had worked for the CP Society, caravanned to Darwin in the past and was anxious to go again, before migrating back to Scotland in Feb.,. 2008.  Bill and Sue confirmed their arrival date from Toronto airport, 26 July, and Darwin departure date of 28 August.   Mid 2007 was spent in a series of short trips, climaxing in a week trip to Geraldton, accompanied by many  caravan repairs assisted by Jamie.  Jamie and Don welcomed Bill and Sue at Perth airport on July 26th, and the four departed for a five thousand kilometer drive to on Darwin July 31st.  All went smoothly with Bill and Sue camping beside the caravan nightly, arriving in tropical Darwin on schedule August 25th for their flight out.   Jamie and Don enjoyed the tropical heat and attractions of Darwin for the next month while Don explored all the cycle paths using his new fourteen kilometer per hour Quantum 6000 wheelchair, in September.  Richard Smetek flew out to assist with attendant care duties and driving for a more leisurely ten week trip back to Perth, via WA's interior goldfields.  The trip was a wonderful experience, while Lily completed her university studies.  Don looks forward to future trips in 2008 and has already organised a two week outing for next January. 

 The Vanwarts who traveled with Don in August wrote: "We had a wonderful trip and enjoyed our travels up the coast.  The rig was a little dicey and until we got accustomed to the sway and learned how to drive such a monstrosity, we started to relax.  The first few nights were spent sleepless in our tent, worrying that we would be going off the road and killing the lot of us.  I will never feel comfortable going such slow speeds with those road trains up our buttocks.  Very unnerving.  Jamie was a great help.  He is very easy to be with and he is dedicated to his job. He kept us laughing and always had a good story to tell.  He sent us over twenty postcards after Don's computer bit the dust.  Kept us abreast of their travels etc.  Very thoughtful of him. There is so much beauty in that side of the continent.  Broome, Katherine, Kakadu, Darwin...the list goes on.  Despite our rushed schedule we did manage to see and do plenty.  No regrets.  Just good memories.  We feel very lucky to see that part of the country.  So few tourists get to see it."
  Christmas Letter 2007 summarising the year's activities.
  Boxing Day Dec. 26th and its 44 degrees Celsius, still 40 degrees at 5.30 pm. It's summer, at last, in Perth.  The 7.00 pm ABC News reported Perth as the hottest spot for the day on the planet earth.  I was cool and relaxed in my a/c home.
    Enjoyed a trip to Mandurah, in January where I was based as a psychologist for thirteen years, on the new railway.  Here's my exploration of the town as a tourist. (MOVIE)
    Laser  surgery by Professor Constable of the Lions Eye Clinc restored full vision to my right eye.  In the last two weeks of Jan. 2008, I enjoyed a holiday in the Para-Quad Geraldton holiday accommodation with Jamie Scott as carer. Geraldton Videos   Photos
As a teacher and school psychologist at ROCKINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL 2005-2006, I FOUND THIS ARTICLE INTERESTING.  

Thousands watch WA schoolgirls' video scrap Article from: PerthNow Anthony DeCeglie January 02, 2008 04:43pm A VIDEO showing a schoolyard fight in WA has been available on YouTube for more than a month, drawing thousands of viewers and renewing concerns about mobile phone use in schools. The two minute video, recorded on a student’s mobile phone, depicts the lead-up to the fight and the eventual bust-up between two schoolgirls allegedly from a Rockingham high school.  More than 4000 people have logged on and watched the girls scrap on the video, which sports as background music the popular song Eye of the Tiger from the Rocky boxing-movie franchise. The user who posted the footage, titled: “Rocko Emo vs Aussie Part One” , on the internet site has called on the State Government to do more to govern mobile phone use at schools. In August last year, Education Minister Mark McGowan said he would investigate banning mobile phones at schools, saying there was no reason for phones to be carried into the classroom. But he said it was not feasible to ban mobile phones from schools entirely. A spokeswoman for Mr McGowan said today the guidelines on mobile phone use at schools were still being drawn up. Opposition Education Minister Peter Collier said the latest video made a mockery Mr McGowan’s announcement that he would do something about mobile phone misuse at WA high schools. He said time was running out in the fight against phone abuse. “All these videos do is undermine the education system,” Mr Collier said. “At a time when the education system is under intense scrutiny things like this only make matters worse.” The school is enormously proactive in promoting TED, Treat Everyone Decently, with weekly rewards and recognotion. My contribution towards TED was Talks on Treating Everyone Decently for a safe and friendly environment. (SAFE). With the school chaplain Nick Gwynn, talks were given in 2005 and 2006 for two hours weekly to classes from years eight to eleven, about twelve to fourteen classes weekly. I filmed the talk quickly in my office at the end of the two hours and they may be watched here.


In early February I explored the northern Perth suburb of Joondalup, where I attended Edith Cowan University in 1992 for a M. Psychology. Everything has grown drastically. (MOVIE)

  What I miss in Perth.  My brother George and Pat Pugh helicopter ski in the Kokanee Mountains, BC Canada
    In March I visited Rottnest Island to explore its fascinating history. (MOVIE HERE)  I also enjoyed a series of trips along the Swan River to Fremantle.  (MOVIE)
  First 2008 Caravan Trip, Visiting York, WA  in Apr. 2008 for four days.  (movies)    Then I went on 200 KM east to my relative's wheat farm. (A movie)
    A trip to Fremantle Boat Harbour,  Visits to Mandurah and Rockingham. June, 2008.  Also Historical Rockingham, WA.
  Purchase of my first video camera and here's my first video movie about Freshwater Bay. 



  My nephew Steven Pugh visits Perth JULY 12--22, 2008. (Photos MANDURAH  ROUS HEAD)


Movies of my Caravan Trips 2008 September / October / November to December 11.   (Photo Collection)

  2009 Movies based on Nov.-Dec. 2008 Caravan Trip.  I've developed more sophisticated use of Sony Vegas movie editing.
 I've started uploading to You tube.  May 29. I enjoyed a train trip East to Merredin and made a movie.
  I enjoyed railway trips (movie of trip) to  Bunbury in July 2009 and made these movies.   
  My first documentary was made on Charles Sierakowski, a renown Perth architect who sadly died shortly afterwards in November, 2009. HIS OBITUARY
  In September I spent two weeks in Bali. (Movies) Uluwatu   Museum  Kintamani  Stone Carvings  Monkey Forest  Lake Bratan  Ramada Bintang Hotel  Zoo  Bird Park Ubud.  It took all of October to upload my 450 videos onto Youtube in high definition.
  Psych registration 2010/2011
The Geocache's Secrets 1   From Feb to July, 2010 I completed a full time Certificate 3 programme in Film at Perth Technical College. A major project was Secrets in which I produced A Geocache's Secrets.
  At the end of the first month we attended a one-week camp.

A mini cam film made for the Gronk festival, in the 2010 media camp, Perth College of technology film and television program. All students were divided randomly into 15 film groups and given exactly 5 hours to produce films on tape and unedited. These are then displayed during the evening. This five hour limitation meant that films needed to be scripted and planned before hand so they could be shot in sequence. My group didn't win any any prizes but we had fun this after al was what the camp was all about.

A HOMAGE:  EDWARD D. WOOD (Ed Wood)  PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE   My screen course assignments. 1. The Great Train Robbery  2. A Screen Script Russian Jack  and 3. A Homage Film to Ed Wood, Plan 9 from Outer Space.

The story telling and story board assignments included; 1. Jack and Jill, 2. the City 3. Secrets  Production file, and Script  4. An Advert. A  A1 And B. 5. The Meeting and Alternative

  The second semester a five month TV Studio course ran from July to December.  It opened with a fun activity, two periods to script and shoot a three minute movie around the Central College buildings. My group produce this one.  I did the editing.
  Semester two of the film and television course, focused on learning how to operate a television studio. We were required to make three minute magazine film inserts that would be shown during our  half hour variety show. My magazine insert was on electric cars. The storyboard prepared for the insert is located here. it was also necessary to prepare a production file of necessary paperwork.
  We wrote scripts for a short two minute drama. Two actors were hired, and it was shot with multi-cam at the ABC studio in Perth by our class. My storyboard and storyboard and shots with script is there.
  I produced a sample documentary for a TV Screen assignment. ESSAY AND STORYBOARD  ALSO A REVIEW OF A DOCODRAMA.
  Warming up for the final production, we lite and filmed a technical college band in the TV Studio. research here     Picture of band setup.  lighting
  The climax assessment of four months of study in television production was to produce two half hour television variety shows featuring correct lighting for a band, and an interview with graphics, music and self-made film inserts. We also designed and produced the set. Filming involved three cameras, and the vtr, sound, lighting, mixing, graphics and ccu consols. I produced one show. (script and shotlist) Credits ESSAY ON DESIGN
  To right, wizard set with class after shoot.   Research into a 1900 corner store for a movie set.   Access and Diversity award write up in college paper.