TED TALK 1: Asking for Help.

Don Pugh


Hi, Iím Don Pugh the School Psychologist and this is Nick Gwynne the chaplain.We are part of the student services team, here to help students.Other members are Ms Mcevoy, the nurse, Ms Dirksz, Community Liaison, Ms Ugle, Aboriginal Liaison,†† Ms Singleton, the manager, and the sub-school managers.


Todayís visit is the first of a series to promote TED, treating everyone decently, to create a safe and friendly environment.Iím raising the question, what you do when youíre not treated decently, when someone abuses or hits you, or takes your property.Some students keep their anger pent up inside, and then explode and hit someone.Instead, you may need to ask for help.Here are some important points to remember when asking for help:


1.      Courage: Asking for help shows you have strength and maturity.It is not a sign of weakness.It isnít dobbing. Instead, itís being assertive, standing up for your rights.


2.      Select the right person:When asking for help it is important to select the right person to talk to.This will be someone who you think is responsible enough to deal with the problem and someone you trust.


3.      Ask again: If this person is unable to help or you need further assistance to deal with the problem donít be afraid to ask someone else for help, particularly a trusted adult who has authority. There are a number of people in student services who can help.


Now for some fun, Iíd like a volunteer for a short role-play.


Lindsey: Iím really angry about being called fat all the time.

Shannon: It sounds like youíre really peeved about being teased about your weight.

Lindsey: Every time I think about other kids calling me names, I get so upset. I just want to kill them.I know bashing them wonít help because Iíll just get suspended myself.I donít know what to do.

Shannon: Youíre really angry! Iím glad you came to talk to me about it. You have a right to be treated decently at Rockingham High School and I think you need to go see someone in student services to get some help. They do mediation and sort out problems and they really helped me in the past. Theyíre pretty good.

Lindsey: I almost didnít come to you for help.I was worried you might think I was an idiot.Will you come with me to student services?

Shannon: I donít think youíre an idiot at all, Lindsey. I really respect you for telling me. It means you trust me. Of course Iíll go with you to student services.I hear that chaplain Nick is pretty cool and really friendly too. Donís ok too.


Remember, asking for help is a great way to help resolve your problems. Have enough courage to ask for help.Select a trusted and responsible person to ask help from.Make this school a safe friendly place by insisting on being treated decently and asking for help when you need it.