Don Pugh


I appreciate the opportunity to promote TED, treating everyone decently for a safe and friendly environment in Rockingham SHS. Our message a fortnight ago was to treat everyone equally.This talk recommends responsible behaviour, a skill we usually learn from mature adults like parents and teachers.Here are the characteristics of a responsible student.


  1. Dependability.Responsible students follow through on promises, by arriving on time, and finishing what theyíve started.


  1. Hard Working. Responsible students use time productively to the best of their ability.


  1. Uses good judgment. Responsible students think through the consequences of their actions on all students before they act and then choose wisely to benefit everyone.


  1. Following rules. Responsible students know the rules and keep them in a trust worthy way.


An example of responsible behaviour is caring for your possessions, desks, classrooms and toilets.We all dislike dirty classrooms, getting gum on our clothes and vandalised toilets. Being responsible benefits all students.


Now for fun letís have a role play.Donít do this.


Shannon:Sorry Lindsey, I went out with my girl friend last night so I didnít finish our group assignment.I forgot to phone you.

Lindsey:Iím really disappointed you let down our group after promising to finish it.Youíve had a whole week and you didnít even contact us. Now weíll all get a poor grade.


Try this responsible behaviour.


Lindsey:Hi, Shannon did you remember our group assignment is due today?


Shannon:No worries, Lindsey.I really regret missing the party last night but at least itís done, typed, spell-checked and proof read by mum. Iíve kept my promise and here it is.


Lindsey: Way to go.I really like your responsible attitude Shannon.I knew we could rely on you.


Remember, being responsible benefits all students.Responsible students are dependable, hard working, show good judgment and follow rules.Being responsible helps make RSHS a safe and friendly environment.