TED TALK 12: Think Healthy, Be Healthy

Don Pugh


I’m pleased to have this opportunity to talk with you again promoting TED, treating everyone decently, to create a safe and friendly environment. Our message a fortnight ago was caring for others.  (This) week is “think healthy be healthy” week, so our theme is thinking healthy leads to being healthy.


The way we think influences the way we feel and the actions we take. By being aware of our thoughts we can make decisions to broaden the way we think. We choose how we feel and act. By thinking “It’s only a pack of Tim-tams. They’ll taste nice!” we are more likely to eat the whole pack and to feel guilty about it. We can change our eating habits to become healthier by changing our thinking. For example “Yes, I like Tim-tams. They do taste great, but I’m not hungry and it’s close to dinner time. Maybe I’ll wait.” Thinking healthy leads to being healthy.


Now for another example of thinking healthy and for a bit of fun here’s a role-play.




Lindsey: I have a whole day of free time I wonder what I could do?


Lindsey’s unhealthy voice: Sit in front of the T.V!!! Sit in front of the T.V!!!

                                            Eat chips drink coke.

                                             You will feel relaxed

                                             An anyway there’s no-one home to drive you anywhere and

                                             you have no money, so you might as well vege.


Lindsey’s healthy voice: How about calling Shannon you could walk to his house it’s not far and then take the soccer ball down to the park. It would be fun to get outside and healthy too. And it’s still relaxing to be with a friend.


















Remember thinking healthy leads to being healthy.  Your thinking will influence how you feel and act.  Treat your body decently by thinking healthy to make this school a safe and friendly environment.