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TED TALK 14:Whatís Respect?

Don Pugh


This talk continues to promote TED, treating everyone decently for a safe and friendly environment. A fortnight ago we suggested standing up for you, being assertive and saying no to drugs. This talk is how to maintain respectful relationships.Nick and I often see students who are distressed because their friends fail to treat them with respect. Hereís ways to treat others that shows them respect and tips on respect owed to you.


Give Space.People arenít property. Let your friend hang out with others without accusations of cheating.


Communicate Openly. Tell how you feel, and express your ideas while avoiding swearing, blaming or put-downs when youíre angry.Instead, make positive statements about your friend, such as ĎYouíre a good friend.í


Itís OK to Be Alone. Youíve a right to time by yourself, to choose your friends, and to pursue your own interests without being told what to do.


Be Comfortable With No.Youíve a right to say no to any activity, without being pressured.


Now for fun letís have a role play.


Shannon:Lindsey, I really donít want to see you near John.


Lindsey:I like you Shannon but I get really annoyed when you tell me what to do because Iím not your property.I have a right to hang out with other people without you getting upset.I expect your trust and respect.


Shannon:Youíre right, Lindsey, I get carried away listening to gossip from other kids. Iím sorry. ††


Remember, like Lindsey, insist on being treated with respect and treat others with respect. Give your friends space, communicate openly, allow others their time and be comfortable with saying and accepting no. Respect by treating everyone decently helps to make Rockingham a safe and friendly environment.