Ted Talk 15: Coping with Emotions

Don Pugh


Weíre promoting TED, treating everyone decently for a safe and friendly environment for our school. The talk a fortnight ago was how to maintain respectful relationships. Todayís talk is about coping with emotions.Weíre all unhappy sometimes but we mostly bounce back feeling ok again within a few days or a week.Low moods are a part of every day life.


We find school challenging, if weíre failing, called names, or isolated socially. Our parents may be sick, fighting or in a bitter divorce. Itís hard to bounce back when continually stressed, angry and totally miserable for months. It becomes a struggle to cope with events of every day life. You may find that you stop doing things you like, such as going out, being with friends and family, and you may even try to avoid going to school. You may find that you often have problems sleeping, lose or gain appetite and weight and feel tired and bored. You may find that you canít concentrate and are easily angered or upset. Thoughts running through our heads may include ďIím a failureĒ, ďI canít copeĒ or ďItís hopeless. Things wonít get betterĒ.


Sadness for a long period of time interferes with our schooling and our enjoyment of life.†† The mood can be fixed and itís important for our well-being that we seek support.Consider visiting someone in student services or a doctor.If in doubt, check it out.


Now for fun, letís have a role play.


Shannon:Lindsey, Whatís happening? You missed school yesterday.


Lindsey:Keep this to yourself, Shannon.I wagged and sat by myself all day in the park. Iím feeling blah.I canít sleep, feel tired, get angry, and canít eat.Everythingís getting on top of me.


Shannon:Youíre really unhappy, Shannon.Iím worried about you and canít keep this a secret. You need to talk about this.Iíll go with you if want.


Lindsey:Thatís a good idea, Shannon. Iím feeling down. I might see Don. Come with me.


Remember, itís normal to feel down sometimes.Feeling bad for months on end interferes with schooling and enjoying life. Low moods can be helped. Seeking support for our low moods help us to make this school a safe and friendly place.