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TED Talk 16 Making Good Decisions

Don Pugh


This talk continues to promote TED, treating everyone decently for a safe and friendly environment.A fortnight ago we talked about coping with emotions. This talk is about improving your lives by making wise decisions.Making decisions is a skill that takes practice, experience and help from responsible adults. An important part of being a mature teenager is thinking carefully before we act. Hereís how to do it.


  1. Identify the decision to be made.


  1. List positive options.Drop negative ones which are against rules, will lead to trouble or hurt you or others or disappoint your family.Donít do things because your friends want you to.


  1. Predict the consequences of your decision.List the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and choose the best course of action.


  1. Act on your choice.Review your decision afterwards.


Now for fun letís have a role play.


Shannon:Lindsey, I really wonder if I should drop out of school and buy a car.My parents want me to stay in school and save my money for TAFE next year.


Lindsey:Your parents will be disappointed if you donít go to TAFE and itís only your friends who want you to get a car.Donít base your decision on pleasing your friends.You should get a good job from going to TAFE. Then youíll get a better car.


Shannon:Youíre right, Lindsey, not much use having a car, if I donít have a job to pay for petrol.Itís getting pricey these days. I guess Iíll get a reasonable job after I go to TAFE and have more money to get a car then.Thanks Lindsey.

Remember mature teenagers make good decisions by practicing these steps: identifying the decision, listing positive options, predicting consequences, actioning and reviewing choices.Good decisions lead to a safe and friendly environment.