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Don Pugh


This talk continues to promote TED, treating everyone equally for a safe and friendly environment. A fortnight ago we talked about improving your lives by making wise decisions. This talk is about setting goals to map the pathways in our lives. Hereís how to do it.


1)      Goals must be important to you, be realistic, be dependent on your actions, and be broken into clearly defined steps.


2)      Determine your long term goals.These may be a year or two ahead such as learning to play a guitar, or many years ahead such as being a job.


3)      Set short term personal goals to reach your longer term goals. These might be to improve grades by daily homework sessions.


4)      Lastly, think about possible blocks and ways to deal with them. Setting completion dates is useful.

Now for fun letís have a role play.Hereís a good goal setting model.


Lindsey:Have you done your goal setting yet?


Shannon:Lindsey, Iíve decided to learn to play the guitar in the next year and am picking one up this weekend. Iím really keen to develop my skills.


Lindsey:Way to go, Shannon. Whatís your short term goal?


Shannon:Iíll practice every night after school from 4 to 5, and attend a Saturday tutoring class.


Lindsey:Those short term goals sound good.Theyíre personal, specific, realistic and dependent only on you.My goal is to stay healthy by playing sport daily and staying drug free.


Remember, if you donít know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?We will only have opportunities if we set and work towards goals. Set long term and short term realistic goals that you wish to achieve.Setting good goals contributes to a successful life and a safe and friendly environment at Rockingham High School.