TED TALK 4 Getting on with Peers

Don Pugh


We support TED, treating everyone decently, part of SAFE, a safe and friendly environment within the school.   A fortnight ago we said, don’t be a bully. Our talk to-day is about getting on with peers.  On TV we watch the results of explosions in Israeli or Iraqi buses.  We don’t want rubber bullets and have a Ram Allah Wall through the centre of Rockingham.  Yet many of the attitudes and behaviours leading to bad behaviour elsewhere are similar to students having a bad day here.   Hate, anger, swearing, and thinking people are out to get you!  Our school is large with 900 students. The footpaths are crowded at recess and lunch.  It’s easy to bump someone. Here are tips for getting on with other students.


Be Tolerant: Put up with other kids and don’t jump to the conclusion that a bump was deliberate. It may hurt if someone pushes you but stay calm. 


Apologise: Excuse yourself if you walk into someone.  Say, ‘sorry mate’ or ‘Sorry.’  When you say ‘Sorry’, keep your voice down, look them in the eyes and smile. 


Accept an apology:  Say, ‘no worries, its ok.’  Again, be calm, look the person back in the eyes and smile as you say ‘it’s ok.’


Just for fun, I’d like a couple of students to pretend they are playing on a pathway, accidentally to bump into each other.  Do it twice, once not treating each other decently, and the second time, treating each other decently.


 Lindsey bumps into Shannon:   You’re so clumsy.  You’re like a big ugly rhino, you always charge over into people.  Watch who you’re pushing around, Shannon.


Shannon:  Want to make something of it, Lindsey.  See me after school and I’ll show you who’s clumsy. I don’t like you or the way you treat me.


Lindsey bumps into Shannon looks Shannon in eye and says.  ‘I’m sorry Shannon; I feel badly.  I didn’t mean to run into you.  I should have been watching.  I do hope you’re OK.’


Shannon:  That’s ok, Lindsey.  Apology accepted.  I should have been watching too.  Are you ok?


Remember, accidents happen.  Not everyone is out to get you.  Give others the benefit of the doubt. By following these simple rules, and treating people decently, we can make this school a safe and friendly place to be.