TED TALK 7:Be Concerned for Others

Don Pugh


We welcome this opportunity to promote TED, treating everyone decently in the school to create a safe and friendly environment.A fortnight ago we suggested some ideas on how to get on with others. Our message this week is to be concerned for others.Students sometimes think that freedom means being able to do anything one wants, wagging school, disrupting classes, and doing no work. These students often donít develop the habits and skills needed for employment and may live a lifetime of dependence.True freedom recognises responsibility and oneís obligations to others.Hereís how to be truly free.


  1. Respect Others:Show sensitivity to the well-being and property of others.This means using manners such as please and thank you, waiting your turn, and excusing yourself.


  1. Be Tolerant:Accept others the way they are, regardless of their views.Accept others without losing your temper, name calling or hassling even when they do something stupid or annoying.Accept that everyone is different and makes mistakes.


  1. Meet Your Obligations: Having rights to a friendly, comfortable school means keeping and playing by the rules, being reliable and doing your best.


Now, for some fun, letís have a role play.


Shannon:Lindsey, please watch where you are going.You pushed right in front of me and knocked by bag.


Lindsey:Iím sorry, Shannon.Iím pretty distracted today.Iíve had a fight with my parents.Please excuse me for not watching where I was going.Iíll rejoin the line at the back.


Shannon:No worries, Lindsey.Sorry to hear about the fight with your parents.Hope youíve got it sorted out.


Remember, being free means being concerned and being responsible by meeting your obligations. Treating everyone decently means you are treated decently, in turn, and helps to make this school a safe and friendly environment.