TED Talk 13 Saying No to Drugs  

 Don Pugh


This talk continues to promote TED, treating everyone decently, for a safe and friendly drug free environment in Rockingham.     A fortnight ago I recommended a healthy lifestyle.  Today’s talk suggests standing up for you, being assertive and saying no to drugs.  Here’s how to be assertive.


Firstly, tell how you feel.  Say, for example, ‘I get annoyed’


Secondly, describe the situation.  Say, for example, ‘When you keep filling my glass.’


Thirdly, tell the effects on you. Say, for example, ‘Because I get sick.’


Fourthly, say what you want to happen.  Put it together for a clear assertive message, like this.   “I get annoyed when you push me to drink because I get sick.  Please leave me alone.’


Now for fun, I’d like a volunteer. 


Shannon.  Hey, I got some smokes.  Do you want one, Lindsay?


Lindsey. No, thanks.  I get annoyed when you smoke Shannon because I hate the smell.  Please don’t ask me again.  I’m also concerned about your health and the effects of passive smoking on me.


Shannon.  Ah, don’t be stuck up, Lindsey.  One never hurt anyone.


Lindsey:  No, thanks.  See you later.



Remember, stand-up for yourself and say no to drugs.  Give an assertive clear message by telling how you feel, describing the situation, and its effects on you. State what you want to happen. Often saying ‘no’ is the best choice.  Make Rockingham a safe and friendly drug-free environment.