Don Pugh


We welcome this opportunity to promote TED, treating everyone decently in the school in a safe and friendly environment.A fortnight ago we discussed what you do when youíre not treated decently, when someone abuses or hits you, or takes your property. What should you do?


Our message this week is to treat everyone equally.We often find that people who are different in small ways are treated differently.They are put down and made to feel unwelcome. As a school psychologist I get to meet these students, who are upset and feeling down because of teasing and I donít like seeing the results of this behaviour.Hereís what you can do to treat everyone equally.


  1. Equal Value:Understand that every person has equalled worth and rights regardless of who they are.No-one should be called names or put-down because they are different.


  1. Accept All People: Allow everyone opportunities to participate and contribute. Challenge your thoughts that others who are different are inferior.


  1. Demonstrate Your Acceptance:Approach, talk to and be friendly towards or help others who are different from yourself.


Now, for some fun, letís have a role play.


Shannon:Hey fatso.Why donít you get a job in the circus?You could be put on display in a freak show.


Lindsey:Thatís no way to talk to others, Shannon.Here, in Rockingham, we treat everyone decently.That means accepting others without name calling or put-downs.I get annoyed when I see bullying behaviour like yours.


Shannon:Yeah, sure Lindsey.I do get carried away at times.Iíll apologize to that student by telling him Iím sorry and leave him alone.


Remember; accept others as equals by disregarding differences.Be friendly, helpful and accepting.Treat others as you wish to be treated yourselves.Treating everyone decently helps to make this school a safe and friendly environment.