Don Pugh


We welcome this opportunity to promote TED, treating everyone decently in the school as part of a safe and friendly environment.Our talk a fortnight ago was about getting on with peers.Our message this week is to be positive about others. There is no faster way to cause conflict and lose friends than gossiping about people behind their backs.Gossiping means you say hurtful things about someone to others.The comments are usually passed on, causing anger.Here are my recommendations for keeping your friends.


Gossip Hurts Us: What goes around comes around. Talking about others means that our own faults may be advertised to our distress.


Avoid Discussing Others:Simply refuse to take part in conversations that put down other students.Change the topic to music, or sports or other topics of interest.


Be positive of other students:If you find yourself in a gossip conversation, highlight the studentís strengths rather than weaknesses.


Now for fun, letís have a role play.


Lindsey:Iíve heard that Carol likes Alex, Susanís boyfriend. Sheís been hanging around him and I heard she even kissed him. Carolís always taking other peopleís boyfriends.Sheís such a cow.


Shannon: Yeah, Carol is a cow and she looks like one too.Sheís so fat.Iíve heard that sheís also trying to take Ashleyís boyfriend.I think we should tell her off.


Lindsey:Iíve heard that Carol likes Alex, Susanís boyfriend.Carolís always taking other peopleís boyfriends.Sheís such a cow.


Shannon: ĎI really donít like listening to gossip about Carol, Lindsey.It only causes trouble. Carol is a good friend and sticks up for us.I wonít listen to gossip. Hey, I wonder if youíre planning to attend that rock concert thatís coming to Perth in two months.It sounds pretty good.í


Lindsey:Yeah, youíre right Shannon.I wonít talk any more about Carol.I read about the concert but canít remember the name.Are you going?


Remember, keeping friends means understanding how others feel and not talking about them.Everyone has a right to be free from such harassment as gossip.What goes around may come around.Treating everyone decently helps to make this school a safe friendly environment.