Don Pugh


We welcome this opportunity to promote TED, treating everyone decently in the school to create a safe and friendly environment.Our message a fortnight ago was to be positive about others. Today Iím suggesting some ideas on how to get on with others such as your teachers and parents and other students.We all have disagreements occasionally and these ideas help to improve relationships.


Firstly, be first to forgive.Donít wait for someone else. Make the issue small in your mind by telling yourself that it doesnít matter and say, ĎIím sorry.í


Secondly, list thoughtful tasks to do each day. Even small things are helpful, such as smiling, being friendly and saying hi.Giving complements, that is saying positive things without putdowns or sarcasm is often successful in building relationships.


Thirdly, do considerate things each day for others.Keep a record and reward yourself for doing them.


Lastly, donít expect an immediate change.†† ††Even those close to you like your parents may still say or do unkind things in spite of your efforts.Be patient, persistent and keep trying.


Now for fun weíll have a role play.You donít want this.


Shannon: hit by paper thrown by Lindsey.ĎBug off, Lindsey, you donk.Youíre cruising for a bruising.í


Lindsey:ĎGet off my case, will you, Shannon. Get a life. Youíre such a brown nosed squid.í


Shannon: losing temper, throwing paper back.ĎThatís it. Youíre a no-hoper.Canít you ever do any work in class?í


THIS IS BETTER------------------------------------------------------------------


Shannon: hit by paper thrown by Lindsey.ĎI get annoyed when Iím hit by paper missiles, Lindsey because it disrupts my concentration in class.í


Lindsey: Iím sorry, Lindsey.I shouldnít have thrown that.I didnít think and Iíll not bother you again.


Shannon:Thank you, Lindsey. Why donít we play some basketball together after school?


Lindsey.No worries, sure, good idea Shannon. Meet you at the gym.


Remember, itís important to get on with others.Be first to forgive or say sorry.List and then do helpful things each day.Be patient and donít expect an immediate change. Getting on with others by treating each other decently helps make Rockingham a safe and friendly environment.