TED TALK 8: Negotiate

Don Pugh


This talk continues to promote TED, treating everyone decently to create a safe and friendly environment in Rockingham. A fortnight ago we recommended being concerned for others.As you go about the school you may sometimes feel angry, anxious or sad. These feeling are clues that you own the problem, that someoneís behaviour is unacceptable to you.Negotiation is a good way to get your needs met. Itís a way to face a challenge or problem without getting angry or sad. There are three steps in negotiation.


1.      Say what you want to happen, while checking out that it is fair and reasonable.Establish eye contact and speak firmly.


2.      Listen to what the other person wants and consider the other personís point of view.


3.      Then make a deal by giving a little and taking a little, compromising so both people feel happy.


Now for fun Iíd like a volunteer.I wish to negotiate a deal where we both feel like winners


Imagine you want to see a movie with your friend Friday night but your dad wants to take you to see grand mum in hospital.You like grand mum, but you are excited about seeing the new movie. Refuse at first but agree when dad offers to pay for you and a friend to see a movie on Saturday night instead.


Remember, negotiation gets your needs met.Say what you want, checking out that itís fair and sensible, show you have listened to the other person, and then make a deal without getting angry.Use negotiation to treat everyone decently, making Rockingham a safe and friendly place.