Don Pugh


Iím pleased to have this opportunity to talk with you again, on behalf of TED, treating everyone decently for a safe and friendly environment. My tip is STOP, THINK, DO or to stop and think before you act, and then do the wise thing.


I should have used STOP, THINK DO. I made a bad decision once that that left me like this.I took a nighttime car trip from Perth to Adelaide. At 4.00 in the morning thedriver fell asleep at the wheel, rolling the car and I was thrown violently against the passenger shoulder harness and snapped my neck.Itís as easy to break a neck as it is an arm, but unlike the broken arm the damage to the spinal chord is ongoing.. Now I wish I had used STOP, THINK DO, stopped, thought wisely about the dangers of night travel and did a safer daytime trip.


As you move about the school, you may occasionally get angry. Stop, and think of the consequences of losing your temper.Tell yourself to stay calm, and take a deep breath. ††Deep breathing is a good way to relax and think clearly. In a minute, weíll try it as a class.Youíll put your hand on your belly and take a deep breath right to your stomach. Youíll feel your stomach go hard as your diaphragm moves down. The breath relaxes you, and gives you time to stop, to think of the consequences of your actions before you act and then to do the right thing. ††



Now, as a class, put your right hand on your stomach and take a deep breath.Do you feel your stomach get hard?Breathe out.



Remember, STOP, THINK, DO. Stop, take a deep breath or two or three and think of the consequences before you act, and then act wisely. Make this school a safe and friendly environment.