Don's Photo Archives 1990 to 1997
Ayres Rock, Uluru or Yulara.  Don and Lily visited Alice Springs for two weeks in July, 1989.
Hazel, Ernie and Don at wedding. Dec 90, Don's parents continued to visit every second year at 84 years of age. Schedule Here   Letter   His dad gained first hand experience with the sun here when he burned a large hole in his pants while trying to read a book with a magnifying glass.  Ernie suffers from cataracts.  Both parents enjoyed the long, hot summer and the cloudless, azure skies. We are fortunate that they have decided to visit us again this Christmas and will be staying for eight weeks.
Don with Dr David and Dr Rebecca Richmond, 2003 West Edmonton Mall, Alberta.  With Don's parents in 89/90 were Don's nephew David Richmond 16, ( sister Margaret's younger son and Evan Johnson, who stayed for three weeks. Don and Lily signed them up for a one week SCUBA course running forty hours for a PADI certification.  We also did the usual tourist things such as seeing crocodiles, sharks, koalas and  the construction of the Endeavour, Captain Cook's ship with which he  visited Australia.
Don in Marlow, near London, England.  In the 1990's, Don was still a regular visitor to coffee shops, both around Perth and around the world.
   Brisbane beach sunset.  In 1990 Don and Lily flew to Brisbane, rented a car and drove North to Port Douglas over two weeks. Our one excursion this year involved no shortage of beverages. It involved a 8,OO0 kilometer return flight to Brisbane, a car rental and 5,000 kilometers of driving along the Gold Coast and north to Cairns end Point Douglas. Surfers Paradise is now filled with high rise hotels and department stores built with Japanese money for Japanese tourists. The brand name tourist items sold there are out of reach of the average Australian with even sun glasses costing a few hundred dollars.


Adding a ribbon to a racing cane toad.   Don was sad to miss the cane toad races often held in the taverns. Imported  from Hawaii to control sugar cane beetles the Queensland cane toads have spread uncontrollably.
 Don considered bungee jumping at Surfer's Paradise but was threatened  with a month's meals at MacdonaId's if he did the leap or at least wheel and tip, a 30 meter head first fall from the top of a crane. He was game to give it a go, like his 1970 parachute jump.  Perhaps, it  was Don's risk taking attitude that got him into a wheelchair, but who really knows.
As usual, Don and Lily regularly visited the Muntagin farm in 1991.
Don's relatives, 1990:  Ken and sister Marg  Richmond, brother George and Pat Pugh, with children Trevor, Kevin and Steven.  father Ernie Pugh.
With our friend Mike Hand Don and Lily drove around Malaysia for six weeks in Dec. 90 and January, 1991. Photo is the Kuala Lumper tower.  We were pleased to experience again the smell of Durian fruit and fish at the local markets. Kuantan was another large tourist resort with open air cafes and large Buddhist Caves at Charah. In Kota Babru we stayed in a hotel which operated as a brothel, with a lively karaoke bar, and 'shagging' rooms. Mike to his horror was hustled by a gay who followed him around to his room. The East-West Highway across Northern Malaysia has been subjected until recently with guerrilla attacks. The route is rugged, over ranges of large hills and we passed some forty army posts. Since Don's last visit in 1977, Penang has been connected by a causeway to the mainland and Lily appreciated Georgetown's butterfly farm, botani­cal gardens and roti and tea breakfasts. We enjoyed a meal in a fresh fish restaurant watching the king prawns jump out of the nets and across our table, laps and floor.  From the capital city, Kuala Lumpur we flew to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah on the island of Borneo. Borneo, more British and slower moving than mainland Malay­sia, is a thoroughly nice part of the country. While Don remained at the hotel, Lily and Mike climbed Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in BE Asia.
  In 1991 Don was employed full time as a graduate research assistant from March to July performing statistical analysis of questionnaire data using the SAS package.
  Don graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Psychology in 1991. He commenced study for a Master's Degree in Psychology in March, 1992.
Port Arthur Penal Colony.  Our holidays included driving around Tasmania and Canberra for a month.  We rented a car for two weeks and drove around the island. This island is Australia's version of Canada with large snow capped mountains, heavy snow, and large fresh water rivers and lakes. There is even snow there on the mountain peaks.  In the summer. Don particularly liked Queenstown, with its large gold mine and refineries.  The place looks like on early version of Sudbury with its  stunted vegetation  barren steep hills and tiny weatherboard houses selling for merely $8,000.00.  Further North, the green rolling farm land was less exciting.
Queenstown, Tasmania
After two weeks in Tasmania in January 1991, we were bored, missing the excitement of Asia with its diversity, ethnic foods, bustling activity, religions, languages and cultures.  We flew to Canberra on impulse, checked out  the War Museum, National Library, Art Gallery and Parliament Buildings.  We then visited the ski resorts in the Snowy Mountains and tossed icy snowballs in mid-summer.
Bill and Sue Vanwart visited in 1991.  We had met them in 1998 during our full year visit to North America.  They live in a lovely old farm house outside Napanee, Ontario where Bill paints, and teaches painting in Napanee High School.
Another of Bill's sketches.  These cartoons seem to present a common theme.
A final sketch by Bill referring to my amateur radio and computer shack with my bulletin board and  high frequency radio.
Portrait of don by Bill Vanwart

Cable Beach next to our Cable Beach Resort. Our second excursion for 1991 was a one week holiday in July in tropical Broome, 2,500 Kilometres North of Perth to escape the winter rains. We flew, unlike Don's four day drive of five years ago and stayed at the Cable Beach Resort, a new five star hotel. The time quickly passed eating, drinking, soaking up the hot sun, visiting the ocean to watch king tides which ere some of the largest in the world and totally relaxing. The Broome zoo, built by a multi-millionaire from England, Lord MacAlpine, was excellent with its large collection of rare Australian and African wildlife. Lily appreciated not having to pack and unpack suitcases, the first holiday for ten years where that has happened.











Thank You for taking a time to do these slides. I have to do a map (kind of a touristic map) of Western Australia and I think your information will be very useful for me. I'm really glad of having found your videos in Google. I also like the way you talk, very paused. I'm from Chile, and I'm still not very used to  hearing English language, but I understood almost everything you said.

Thank You Again

In 1992 Don set up Cd-Rom Support Bulletin Board (BBS) using Maximus software.  The system expanded to six phone lines and monitors, boasting of 18 online cdrom disks of shareware.  Don also began to retail cd-rom disks on line and every Sat. at a computer market.
In December, 1992 he graduated with a Master's Degree in Psychology from Edith Cowan University. MOVIE
He worked full time that year with the Public Service Commission, engaged in a project to analyse work skills in the public service. 


Bali Hilton hotel.  Don and Lily enjoyed Bali for two weeks in July, 1992.
During 1991/2, prior to the Internet, Don established a computer bulletin board system. As the system expanded Don employed a part-time sales person to market shareware from Walnut Creek.  Every Saturday morning until 1996, Don operated a stall at a computer swap meet, retailing cd-roms.
  In November, 1992 Don commenced full time employment as a registered school psychologist for the Peel Educational District of the West Australian Education Department. 
In November, 1992 Don was hired as a registered psychologist to work three days in Safety Bay High School, a half day in a primary school,  Coolongup Primary, (publication) and a half day in a weekly district meeting in Mandurah.  Don enjoyed the work counselling students and continued on in 1993 with the same schools and times.
SBSHS logo.  In 1994 Don worked full-time, five days weekly with increased time in Safety Bay High School, and a day, weekly in East Waikiki Primary School.
Don and Lily visited Alice Springs again in the summer of 1994/5. We stayed for two very hot weeks with our friend Michael Hand who commutes weekly by plane to the Granites Gold Mine in the remote Tanami Desert.


In 1988, we rented our house to the Bruno and Jan deTastes, who refused to pay rent for four months or to move out.  They departed in January, 1989 leaving the house in a mess and unpaid rent.  They had moved to Hawaii.  A traffic violation of the mother running a red light alerted Don to their return and Don commenced civil proceedings for $4000. in unpaid rent and damages.  They refused a pre-court offer to settle for $1,800.00 and instead paid Don $18,000.00 after three years of litigation.  Don won the 1991 local court trial, they refused to pay and appealed  to the District Court in 1992.  Don won and they refused to pay.  Don prepared to commence bankruptcy proceedings and they  paid court costs and a percentage of Don's legal fees in full.  Their cheque paid for Don's around the world trip in 1995.  It's Don's one and only court case.
Don continued his position at the high school and primary school in 1995, terms 1, 3 and 4.  He took leave of absence without pay to travel for three months around the world in term 2.
Tahitii Sunset.  Don and Lily took three months in term 2, from April to mid-July, to complete an around the world trip in 1995 visiting Tahiti, Vancouver, Ontario, England and Singapore.
Don and Lily commenced their trip with a wonderful relaxing week in tropical Papeete, capital of Tahiti.  They rented a  car, sampled restaurants, museums and beaches, enjoying excellent French cuisine.  Don practiced his high school French.  Then we flew on to visit brother George in Vancouver for two weeks, and Don's parents in Belleville and sister in Ridgetown,  Ontario for nearly two months. We put ten thousand kilometers on our rented Chrysler by visiting friends in Wawa and Cochrane, and other friends in Napanee, Kingston, Cornwall and Avonmore.   Lily was badly ill as a result of a  gall bladder stone which was removed following her return to Perth, while Don suffered from cellulitis, treated by a long course of antibiotics. 
Then Don and Lily spent a week in England, visiting the Crowthers in High Wycombe, Windsor, Oxford University, and doing a circuit to the coast passing Stonehenge, and Brighton.  Lily's illness led to cutting two weeks from our visit. The long flight from London to Singapore caused a red area to Don's derriere that wouldn't disappear for several weeks.  This event occurred in spite of sitting on a roho pressure cushion.  Don spent a few days on his side in bed, feeling sorry for himself in Singapore. 
In 1995 Don and a friend Ted Russ established an Internet Service Provider business which was to operate for five years until its closure in 2000. The business extended Don's Cd-Rom Support Bulletin Board which had operated since 1992. Ted writes in 1998, "In 1985 Don and Ted Russ set up Intelligent Internet Services as partners.  The archived web site is here. By April of '95 Don and I agreed to form Intelligent Internet Services and vale was moved to Don's place and started up, on a grand total of seven lines, plus one 28.8K modem link to Omen. And by August, we'd merged the two BBS's onto Don's BBS server, and moved vale and it's attendant modems etc into Omen's offices at Innaloo, adding another server and another 33 lines to bring us to our present total of 40 lines." Don added new members and handled the accounts.  Ted operated the Linux Apache web server. The business eventually obtained three hundred subscrbers using thirty phone lines.  Its early web pages have been archived; 1996 here, 1998 here, History here.
  Don's wife, Lily accepted a new position as a district high school principal four hours drive East of Perth in 1994 and was absent four years until the end of 1997, except for weekend visits.  She did take six months long service leave the first half of 1996, breaking up the separation.  Don hired a number of carers to share his home to assist him over four years including Sue Wong, Carol Grist, Kathy Scott, and Robyn Sutton.
Don drove country to visit Lily, blowing up the engine of the Honda.  With fulltime employment as a school psychologist, he purchased his first new car, an Australian 1994 Ford Fairmont.
By 1996 Don had obtained permanency as a psychologist and was making progress with difficult 'students at risk' in large secondary schools.
In 1996 Don and Lily enjoyed a pleasant holiday visiting Norfolk Island. This was the year following their three month around the world trip to Canada.
Kakadu National Park Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu Park. Don and Lily also flew in July, 1996 to Kakadu Park near Darwin, Northern Territory in 1996.  We were accompanied by Harold, Lily's father, and stayed a night in the Crocodile Hotel, Kakadu, while touring the Ranger Mine Uranium Project.


  Lily obtained a position as principal of a Perth Primary School and returned to Irvine Street in December, 1996 to Don's delight after sadly  shattering a leg in a country car accident.
In July 1997 we visited Darwin for a week with Michael Hand.
In 1997, Don has been healthy and has again worked four days per week as Safety Bay Senior High School’s psychologist  without any absenteeism.  He turned 51 on January 3, 1998 and  hoped to be able to continue with a relaxing part time arrangement of four days weekly for his sixth year.