Don's Photo Archives 1998 to 2005


Don learned of a new service for disabled people, cheap car leases of new supercharged Holden Statesman luxury cars.  Don sold his Fairmont and leased a new supercharged Statesman VR for $2000.00 annually, for two years.
 In 1998, Don has been healthy (his twentieth year as a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair) and has continued working for his sixth year for Peel District as a psychologist. This year he chose to work in Warnbro Community High School slightly south of Safety Bay SHS, directly on the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.  The school is very new, and well equipped for resources.  Don also enjoyed one day a week in Port Kennedy Primary School.  His work involves running case conferences to sort out social, emotional and learning difficulties with students, parents and teachers, counselling students, mediating between disputing students and training in skills such as anger management. 
  The demands of work has caused him to terminate other time consuming extra curricular activities including his partnership with Ted Russ and the internet service provider Intelligent Internet Services,  and his CD-ROM retail business CD-ROM SUPPORT.
Tanjung-Rhu Resort.  In July 1998 Don and Lily spent a week in Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi Island in Malaysia.  
Photo of Twelve Apostles.  Don and Lily also spent two weeks driving the Great Ocean Road in 1998 and exploring the goldfields of central Victoria.


  Don has been healthy in 1999 and has continued working for his seventh year for Peel District  as a psychologist four days a week, largely at Warnbro Community High School  and Port Kennedy Primary School on the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.  
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.  Don and Lily completed another three month round the world trip in 1999, to donate bone marrow to Don's sister Margaret. Following the completion of Donís medical intervention, we flew to London for a month in Europe.  Besides visiting York and following the old Roman ruins of Hadrianís wall, we enjoyed visiting national trust estates and castles as well as catching up with British friends.  Flying to Zurich, we drove through the Alps to Lake Como, Florence and Pisa, and then headed back to Zurich by way of Turin, and Geneva.  We spent two days in an Irish pub,  quaffing Guinness by candlelight long after the doors had been locked.  The dark atmosphere was surreal, as half the pub had been constructed as a chapel, dominated by a monolithic two-meter stone Celtic cross. We also enjoyed eating in numerous local Swiss restaurants including an Australian facsimile serving kangaroo and crocodile meat. Leaving Switzerland, we flew home to Perth and our work with stopovers in Bombay and Singapore. 
Don replaced the Statesman with 50,000 kilometres  after two years of driving with a new Ford Fairlane V8.  The lease had climbed to $4000.00 per year for a two year lease.
The year 2000 marked completion of extensions on our house.
Tjibaou Cultural Centre.  Don and Lily  did  a trip to French Caledonia and Brisbane in 2000.  We enjoyed one short but pleasurable trip this year, involving a flight at midnight to Sydney in September, then on to Noumea in New Caledonia.  New Caledonia is a tropical island, about 200 km in length, located 2000 KM East of Brisbane in the South Pacific.  It is still a French-speaking colony with excellent French cuisine and enjoys biweekly direct flights to Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and Auckland.  We stayed in a Meridien Hotel overlooking the beach, which can be viewed by a real time web camera.  Don particularly admired the French-speaking girls who couldnít seem to wait to strip down and hit the beach. 


In 2000 Don learned of a new technology called IRLP used to link amateur radio repeaters world wide.  The first Australian IRLP repeater had been established in Northern Perth by James McBride, VK6FJA. With help by James, Don set up a second IRLP system covering his route to work.  Now Don could talk to amateurs all around the world from his car. LINKS TO LISTEN TO IRLP HAM REPEATERS
Don has been healthy in 2001 and has continued working for his eighth year for Peel District Education Office  as a psychologist four days a week.  This is his third year at Warnbro Community High School  and Port Kennedy Primary. Both schools are within a half kilometer of the sand dunes and white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean.   
A Thai 'long boat' on Koh Kai Beach as the tide goes out.    Koh Kai Island, Andaman Sea Feb 2002   Phuket beach.  In 2001 Don visited Phuket in Thailand and lived near a beach like this one. In October Don visited the state of Phuket, a tropical island in Thailand.  The hotel and beach was in part used for site for the film The Beach.. The location  was exceptionally beautiful as shown in the photo above.  Tourist numbers were low and the Thai tourist industry suffered.  Thai food was excellent, the seafood outstanding and the local people were friendly.  Don rented a car for a week and toured the island. 
In Patong Beach, Phuket, Don was photographed and then sketched by the hotel artist.  The results were realistic, although Don has doubts about the hill-billy look.
Wheelchair Nomad : A Quadriplegicís Account of His Five-Month World Trip 2003 Surf A restaurant Don also visited Penang in Malaysia in 2001 with his personal care attendant Richard.  Don enjoyed a July holiday on the tropical island of Penang off the west coast of Malaysia.  The resort hotel in Batu Ferengi was lovely with numerous small eating establishments and shopping areas outside the hotel.  Numerous Saudi Arabian tourists with women totally wrapped up in black gowns added a somber note to the poolside festivities.
Don's lease on the Fairlane ran out and the leasing company closed.  Don purchased a new 2001, Ford Fairmont, his fourth new car in the last decade. Don currently drives about 25,000 kilometres annually.  Don is appreciative of the support given by hs brother-in-law Ken Liebeck in buying this vehicle.
  A landmark event in November, 2001 was connection of 512 kbs // 128 kbs to our home.  We were the first in the neighbourhood to join and were connected within a week of the service being available.  Rates were horrendous, $105.00 a month for a three megabyte upload and download limit.  We cancelled our 24/7 internet phone line running at 56 kbs.
In 2002, Don has continued healthy but at 55 years of age has unfortunately added a little girth to his middle. Too much red wine and beer, he thinks. 
Don keeps a small wine cellar and enjoys a glass or two of Australian cabinet sauvignon every night with his meal.
He has continued working for his ninth year for Peel District Education Office as a psychologist four days a week and enjoys counseling students.  This is his fourth year at Warnbro Community High School and Port Kennedy Primary School with both schools within a half kilometre of the sand dunes and white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean.
Our shopping complex with ten rental shop properties in Subiaco continues to go well, with  reliable tenants.  Lily has taken over billing and GST accounting and is keeping closer track of the outstanding debts than Don managed over the fifteen years that he handled the management of the ten shops.
Donís spare time still continues to be spent on frequent visits to a 15-theatre megaplex to see most of the new release films.
Don purchased a Quickie electric wheelchair in 2002, and has enjoyed touring as these pictures illustrate.  Sketch by Bill Vanwart, 2002.
Don enjoys regular reading of new release books by his favourite authors.

Weíve enjoyed the company of our visitors this year, Michael Hand from Albany and Ken, and Robyn Liebeck with Britt age 7 and Curtis age 9 from the farm.  We have lots of fun doing films and dining out at MacDonalds: great experiences for these country kids.  Curtis will be visiting us prior to Christmas to see the Harry Potter movie and we look forward to spending Christmas with the Liebecks on the farm. The farm has benefited from a favourable year  after a dry start in the Spring and the Liebecks are pleased with their crop yields and wheat prices.

In January, 2002 we welcomed Bill Van Wart from Napanee, Ontario and greatly enjoyed his company.  Descriptions of Billís holiday in Perth.
Swissotel, Singapore.  Don and Lily visited Singapore in 2002.  This year we have seen the Liebeck family more often than normally. In July, Don and Lily joined Ken and Robyn and their two children, Curtis, 10 and Britt, 7 in a one week trip to Singapore.  We all stayed at the Swissotel,  a 70 storey building in the centre of downtown Singapore.  Ken and Robyn took a two room suite on the 64th floor with balconies offering sweeping city views.  We all had a wonderful time eating out at different ethnic restaurants, prowling the shopping malls, and visiting the Singapore Zoo.  We rented a car and drove into Malaysia at Jahor Baru, for a day with the Malaysian ringgit,  devalued 2 to 1, making for cheap shopping.
Don has been healthy and has continued working for his seventh year for Peel District  as a psychologist four days a week, largely at Warnbro Community High School  and Port Kennedy Primary School on the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.     Don (VK6DN) continued to chat on 2 metres (amateur radio) during the one-hour drive to work until his radio broke down in June. 

Don turned 57 in January, 2004. In December, 2002 his right eye was successfully operated on to remove a cataract and insert a plastic lens.  His eyesight is now greatly improved as a consequence of this amazing operation by Dr Littlewood. 


In 2004, Don has continued working for the newly created Fremantle Peel District Education Office as a psychologist four days a week.  However, in 2003, he enjoyed taking six months of long service leave on half pay, a privilege granted to long serving members of the Education Department
A visit to the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt.  In 2003 he took six months long service leave  and completed a five month trip around the world, visiting fifteen countries.  He kept a comprehensive journal with photographs describing this exciting trip. Christmas Report
Many movies of places visited  Index  
Don continues to attend many workshops related to psychology as his diary demonstrates.  He has developed a strong interest in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has developed these power  point slide shows for use with students with depression and anger issues.
  In November, 2003 we churned from Telstra's expensive, capped ISDN broadband service to Swiftdsl.  For the same fee, we obtained a 1.5 mbs / 256 mbs link, fixed IP address, 16 gigabyte limit and are charged only for downloads.  We now listened to streaming music in CD quality from around the world.
Don has added a second world wide communications system to a local repeater VK6RFM.  This system is called Echolink with an adaptation called EchoIRLP.  Now there's even more amateur stations to call while driving to and from work.
Since 1998, Don visits the Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant in Northbridge for a spicy lunch with a group of friends every Wednesday, The meal is concluded with a visit to the Dome Cafe for a Cappuccino.
Bill and Sue and Leo and Lana visit our home for a week in March, 2005. (Photos)
In Mar 2005 Don bought a Magic Mobility Extrerme 4 wheel drive wheelchair suitable for sand and bush.   (Photos)

The year 2005 marked the death of Dr Robert Pugh, a retired professor of physics from University of Toronto.  Robert was Donís cousin, aged 72, and a resident in the Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta.  Don had last met Robert in 1974 but has recently met Robertís daughter Nina, who lives in Portland, Oregon, and Robertís sister Shirley, resident in Comox, B.C. (Photos)  (Eulogy)


In Jan 2005 I joined the staff as a School Psychologist at Rockingham High School. four days a week.  I enjoy giving weekly classroom talks for ten minutes per class to years 8 to 10 each fortnight.  Here's the content of twenty talks.  Students love the roll plays.


Day Tour of Rottnest Island Oct 2005
Wheelchair to Mundaring Weir July 2005
Outings Oct-Nov 2005 on Cycle Paths  MOVIES OF CYCLE PATH TRIPS HERE