1971 to AUGUST 1975 From Carleton University, Wawa, Departure for Australia
  Don spent much of 1971/72 coping with Ottawa's heaviest snowfall in a century and admiring the view of the Ottawa River from the third floor reading gallery of the Public Archives of Canada.  He sifted through microfilmed journals of fur factors of the Hudson's Bay Company, as far back as 1670.  Journals had daily entries recording the number of fur pelts traded, health of the Indians and unusual events such as drownings or murders. One assignment was on the settlement of the clay belt in Northern Ontario in the 1920's. (Photos)  (Article)
  In 1971/72, Don was writing a Masters of Art Degree in Canadian Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.
The mighty Missinaibi River squeezes through a mere 10 ft gap in the rock. Powerful!    Pictured is Thunder House falls on the Missinaibi River canoed in 1970 and 1971. (My Missinaibi River Interpretation Document and Canoe Route and Missinaibi River Canoe Route Report here.)  Don worked out of Cochrane in the summer of 1971 and canoed the Missinaibi River from Mattice to Moosonee, and Mattagami River.
   McArthur College   In 71/72 Don enrolled for a Bachelor of Education at McArthur College of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and graduated in May with a Bachelor of Education.  Like every student he paid off a sizeable student loan to the Royal Bank over the following two years.
  Don shared an apartment in the second and third story of this building with Doug Rigsby, (Sat., June 8)  Brian McCue and Mike McGuire during 71/72 while he completed a Bachelor of Education.  Don rented the walk-in closet to Allen Armit as a weekend retreat, as Allen was teaching in Campbellford, Ontario.
  Don completed his Bachelor of Education as well as his M.A. thesis on Cultural Optimality by April,  1972.
Hospital approach   Moose Factory from air with hospital in foreground.  Don worked in Moosonee and Moose Factory from April to the end of August, 1972. St Thomas Church,  Moose Factory  He was flown to Fort Albany to interview an old fur trader Bill Anderson. (Photos)
   Canoeing.  In 1972 from Moosonee, Ontario. Don flew north in a twin engine Otter and paddled the Winisk River to James Bay and Attawapiskat that summer and his historical report survives.  (A few scanned slides here.)  Movie
  Beach in  Bermuda.  Don took a week off work in July, 1972, and caught the train from Moosonee to Toronto, and then flew to Hamilton, Bermuda with the Pugh family for the Bateman wedding.



1961, 1964, 1971

  Sister Margaret Richmond with son David Richmond, 1972 (PHOTOS)
  In 1972, when Don was applying for his first teaching job, he faced a glut of teachers from the baby boom.  Don possessed excellent history and geography teaching reports and an A grade Bachelor of Education from Queen's University.  Don mailed photocopies of his resume to all five hundred Ontario high schools and accepted a teaching post for Sept., 1972 in Wawa, Ontario, north of Lake Superior. Don was hired in April, 1972 to begin teaching in Wawa, Ontario in Sept., 1972.
  Ernest Hemingway's House, Key West  Don drove to Key West with Allen Armit at Christmas, 1972.
    Don taught at Michipicoten High School in Wawa, Ontario from 19072--1975.  Wawa was an iron ore  production  centre     for Algoma Steel in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. A description of his first year.

Staff 1974 at the school.   School Yearbook 1974-5 Instructor in Air Cadets

    Movies About Wawa
  Don travelled to Greece, Turkey, then took the Orient Express to Paris in the summer of 1973. See movie menu.
  Cornwallis Naval Barracks 2003.  Don spent eight days touring the Maritime Provinces by car in Easter, 1974,  revisiting Cornwallis, Halifax and Louisburg.
  The Forum, Rome.  In 1974 Don took a group of students to Rome, Florence and the island of Capri. !974 Rome Trip


   Sculpture in Vigeland Museum, Oslo, Norway.  In the summer of 1974, Don bicycled through Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark  with Steven Malone,  a former student.  Steven settled in Hawaii as a diving school instructor and currently lives  near Los Angeles, married to a medical doctor. (Photographs  here.)
    Movies 1974
  Don also cycled from Dublin to  Belfast in Ireland, visiting his 1954 school chum Robert Dunlop.(Movies/Photographs  here.)
  Returning from Europe Don drove across Canada to Vancouver with  his parents, Aug/Sept., 1974 for a week, and then flew back  to Wawa. He went Scuba diving with his brother George in Vancouver.(PHOTOS)  
  In Wawa, Don taught history, specializing in a very popular local history course from Sept., 1972 to June, 1975..  Here is a promotion poster for students.   The course proved very popular with Don teaching four classes a year. (PHOTOGRAPH MENU) 



  Students visited local mines,  hydro dams, the sinter plant, hiked to abandoned gold mining towns and watched steel poured at the Sault.  Content included the history and process of local gold and iron mining and processing, railways, pulp and paper production, social life in pioneer days, local geography etc.   (More photos of students here.)  (Newspaper Articles)
  In 1974 after two year's of teaching Don was awarded a Type A High School Specialist Teaching Certificate. The following year Don also gained a permanent teaching position at Michipicoten High School. A major event that year was the burning of the school.  Don's former Department Head Willard Smith still lives in Wawa overlooking the lake and published a book on his early childhood in Silver Creek, Quebec in 2001.
  Don's favourite sport after school and on weekends was partridge hunting with a 16 gage shotgun. Don enjoyed the frontier northern lifestyle. (Photos)
  Hunter's License, 1973
  Don spent weekends ice fishing in winter.
  Don's first  vehicle purchased during his second year in Wawa was this old Ford half ton truck.
  Don enjoyed writing a weekly local history article in the Algoma News, Wawa's newspaper with recognition by the local Chamber of Commerce.
  Don loved exploring the history of development from viewing older buildings as this review of three log cabins illustrates.
  In 1974 Don was proud to publish an article in the Canadian Geographical Magazine and to actually be paid for it.  The article  was entitled Ontario's Great Clay Belt Hoax.            (Photos on Clay Belt Hype)
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  By early 1975, Don decided to move on from Wawa.  He obtained a Province of British Columbia teaching certificate and sent this curriculum vitae to New Zealand and to every state in Australia.  Don was offered migrant status and a teaching job in Western Australia.
  Don ran a Junior Ranger camp in the summer (July, August) of 1975 on Hobon Lake, west of Wawa, Ontario.  In September, 1975  he left Canada to migrate to Australia. He had been offered a teaching job in Rockingham, West Australia, beginning Feb., 1976.
Why go to Australia?    
  Ernie Pugh, my dad,  retired at the age of 65 but continued contract work for a few years afterward.