Some early photographs of Don's ancestors and the Pugh family: Ernie and Hazel Pugh and the three children Margaret, Don, and George. Don's life is profiled towards the end.


Don's paternal grandfather, Robert Pugh with his wife Agnes Kerr Pugh, wedding photo 1900-01. 
Don's dad, Ernie Pugh's family, taken in 1902 before his birth in Liverpool, England.  Notations on the back by Shirley McLaughlin, are scanned here. Ernie's brother Albert is the baby held by Don's grandmother Agnes Kerr Pugh.
1914 photo of Don's paternal grandfather, Robert Pugh and Agnes Elizabeth Kerr Pugh with Don's dad John Ernest Pugh to the right and Don's uncle Albert Pugh. This photo was taken in Victoria, British Columbia after their migration from England to Canada.
George McLanders, my maternal great grandfather as a young man 1800's


George Maclanders

Hazel Pugh's stepdad Dan  Mackenzie, 1946


My grandad, on my father's side.  1935 bottom,  second from left. He migrated from Liverpool to Victoria BC in 1900.

Hazel Pugh 2 years old,  1911
Hazel Pugh at 7 or 8 years of age.
Ernie Pugh, my dad as a baby in 1912 at 2444 Florence St., Victoria, BC  He is with Albert, his older brother and grandmum Pugh. He graduated from Oak Bay High School.
My mother Hazel MacLanders Pugh nee Fuller, born 1911, photo 1935, 24 yrs of age
Don April 20, 1947 aged 3 months 17 days, from My Diary, a small book meticulously kept by Hazel
Mum and Don 1947 7161 QUINIET AVE CRAWFORD Park Verdun Quebec
Dad and Don 1947    7161 QUINIET AVE CRAWFORD Park Verdun Quebec
Ernie Pugh's brother Albert, who was captain of a C.N.R. tug boat in Vancouver, lived in Westminster with wife Sarah Pugh. (Deceased 1960)   His children were Robert (SHOWN HERE) (Puerto Valarta Mexico)  and  Shirley McLoughlin of Comox BC  


Shirley is happily retired.  Don and Shirley enjoyed lunch together in Esquimalt, British Columbia in May, 2003.
Hazel Pugh, my sister Margaret Richmond and myself, aged 16 months in 1948, taken in Montreal, prior to moving to Belleville, Ontario. My  brother George was not yet around.  I suffered a severe speech impediment, failing to learn to talk properly until primary school and after years of speech therapy..
Margaret, my sister, aged 2, Vernon, BC
In 1949 Don's father John Ernest Pugh was posted to the Northern Electric Company in Belleville, Ontario.  Ernie enjoyed Belleville and remained there contently  until his death at the age of ninety in 1996.
Don's father, Ernie, a professional electrical engineer.
Hazel and Don, Belleville, Ontario
Proud parents Hazel and Ernie watching Don learn to walk.
At 37 Dunbar St., Belleville, circa 1950.
Don 8 yrs old  Spent the summer of 1955 in Nova Scotia outside Halifax.  In 1956 the entire family spent six months in Belfast North Ireland.
Family home 1948-1958 37 Dunbar Street, Belleville, Ontario. Photo taken in 2003. (MORE PHOTOS)
Pugh Family home, 111 Palmer Rd., 1958--1996, Ernie Pugh (MORE PHOTOS)
  Ernie Pugh worked in Ottawa much of 1959, and 1960's, as well as SENNETERRE and PARENT QUEBEC. He built and maintained RADAR on the Pine Tree line.
Like most Canadians, Don grew up playing ice hockey.  Dad created a rink with the garden hose behind the house and took Don, Saturday mornings at 6.00 am to the Belleville hockey arena to play on a team. Some winters, late snows allowed us to skate on the Bay of Quinte and Oak Lake, kilometers of open ice.
As a youth Don enjoyed winter snows by skiing in the Oak hills and tobogganing down nearby hills.
Don attended Prince Charles Primary School (still in operation) until grade 8, then transferred to Queen Mary Primary School.  Don's parents then moved and Don attended Avonmore Primary School for years 7 and 8.



1958 Trailer Trip Across Canada  and the Northern USA

Photos of Family trailer trip across Canada/USA 1958. Movie


That's great Don! Just like it happened. Dad got better photos than I did when I visited Yellowstone 4 years ago! I vaguely remember visiting Kaslo after passing through Revelstoke. Big Bend Highway is now underwater...courtesy of the Mica Dam. I spent last 6 years skiing in the Selkirks...must have been childhood memories :) Cheers, Brother Geo.  Nice pictures of Queen Elizabeth Park...I cycled through park last night on my way home.

  1961  Brother George with Bass at Oak Lake. (Photos)  The cottage was purchased in 1952 and has been used both by Margaret's and George's family to the present.  I spent each summer from 1952 to 1964 there, fishing and swimming. Margaret, George and  I became  confident excellent swimmers.
Don and George, early morning in late 1950's at summer cottage, Oak Lake.  More   pictures at Oak Lake, during 2003 visit.    (Photos 1960-1)


Wood carving by Johnny Meyer, Oak Lake.  Don and George grew up having a wonderful time at Oak Lake, swimming daily and playing 'pushy' off the raft. This carving is of my sister Margaret's two boys Chris and David with the cottage in the background. Johnny Meyer was a paraplegic who lived four cottages down from ours in a winterised house. Stirling 1959
Rental cottage.  Don's parents drove the  family to Queensland Beach, Nova Scotia for eight weeks in the summer of 1953.
In 1954 the Pugh family flew to Belfast, Northern Ireland and rented a Drumbeg mansion for six months.  Don revisited his friend Robert Dunlop in Belfast again in 1973 actually to Bangor, 1974 and again in 2004.
Both Don and  George enjoyed cubs and scouts.  George has continued as a scout master for 20 years. Here is a diary which I kept a July 21-28 1962 Scout Camp journal which includes taking and hiding the Scouter's car and embarrassing the Scouter by faking animal tracks.  Don  visited fellow scout David Williamson and family at Brampton in 2003.
Friend David Williamson modelling old boy scout hat during visit to Brampton, Ontario 2003.
  Stratford, Ontario 1959, 

Family Trailer Trip to North Carolina, 1960.  Movie


More views of Dad in his youth :)    Thank you Don! Your productions keep getting better: I enjoyed the sound effects even more...good shots of Lurray Cavern, as I had forgotten where they were situated. As I remember, the '54 Olds finally succumbed to the 'Rust Belt' of Ontario and was retired with its quarter panels rusted out.  Cheers, Geo.





Dad works in Ottawa and Los Angeles, most of 1960   and Santa Barbara, California, 1962, 1969, (Travel photos, California coast)  designing the aircraft TACAN radio navigation system, and from 1966 to 1971 working on Interstat IV and Anik 1 COMMUNICATION SATELLITES as senior project engineer, obtaining a patent. He tours National Parks driving overland from Ontario to and from LA.  eg GlacierHolbrook,  Yosemite,  Bryce Canyon,

With his work and retirement travel Hazel and him have driven almost every interstate highway in the USA as well as many secondary roads.  Ernie and Hazel have crossed the Rocky Mountain Continental Divide by twenty three different passes, mostly in winter.

Ernie Pugh's older brother Albert dies in 1960. (photos.) He was married to Sarah and left two children, Robert and Shirley.
Family House, 111 Palmer Rd., Belleville, Ontario, occupied 1958-1996, photo taken mid 1960s   Ernie always purchased large V8 Oldsmobiles, second hand, from the 1950's to 1990's.  
George, with Kim, our pet dog of 20 years, and our large chemistry set.  Chemicals included acids such as H2SO4, HCL, HNO3, and metals such as sodium. We had great fun making H2S, and nitrogen triodide, which, when painted on door handles, ignited on contact.
Graduation from Avondale Primary School, Belleville, Gr 8, in June, 1961. Classes were streamed in the high school, so I repeated year 7 and worked very hard in year 8 to be placed in an academic stream, rather than a vocational stream.  I attended years 9 to 13 at Belleville Collegiate and Vocational School.  BCI&VS was used for my practice teaching in early 1972. It is now closed and demolished.
Don's parents often took the family by car to Florida at Christmas. In 1961 we visited the East coast of Florida. CHRISTMAS 1966   MAR 1967   MAR 1968 TRIP   1970 TRIP
Belleville Collegiate, attended gr 9-13, years 1961 to 1966. Class members 9F in 1961.
George also attended BCI a year behind me and submitted this repaired Lancaster radio compass with meccano DF at a Science Fair.

Don's sister, Margaret attended Queen's University in Kingston Ontario, 1961 to 1964, working at Upper Canada Village.

Don delivered the Globe and Mail at 5.00 am for three years through winter snow drifts.  No wonder he was called in the Year 9 Yearbook, 'the man from sleepy hollow.'
Year 9 class photograph 1961/62
Don felt like this cyclist but was considerably slower!  Don rode his bicycle five kilometers to  high school each day with his friend, David Williamson.  In Spring and Autumn he rode home for lunch, a distance of twenty kilometers daily. There were no  bicycle helmets and Don rode on highway 2, heavily used by large transports before the construction of the 401 freeway.  It's surprising he survived.
Year 10 class photograph 1962/63      
Don in year 10  Pdf photo yr 10
In high school Don was active in the photography club, taking and processing pictures.  Don was also a member of the Pioneer Club, a bible study group with friends Edward Vickery and Jim Williams. 
Patagonia  Don studied Spanish with the goal to drive a landrover down North and South America to Patagonia. Don studied Latin and French in  Year 10, and added Spanish in Years 11 and 12, a total of three foreign languages.  Don continued Spanish in his first year of university.  Don did well in Latin and French in his university admittance exams in Grade 13.
All the Pughs attended church regularly and Don taught Sunday School classes. George sang in the choir.
Don spent part of the summer of 1963, after year ten graduation,  doing a full time sailing course eight hours a day through the Bay of Quinte yacht club. He learning knots, boat terminology but spent many hours sailing and racing small sailing craft.
Skills of photography and sailing and typing skills learned in Year nine  led Don to a job in the summers of 1964 to 1966 as a camp counsellor caring for six, eight year old boys at Camp Comak, Dorset, Ontario.

There is a Facebook Camp Comak page. FLICKR PHOTOS

 Don initially taught sailing in the morning and photography in the afternoon. 
After becoming a Red Cross swimming instructor  he taught beginner swimming every morning.
 Don obtained the Award of Merit   and Distinction in Royal Life Saving, the result of strenuous daily practice.
Don practiced every day during the summer of 1965 and was awarded the Master Canoeist Certificate of the Canadian Camping Association.
Don worked each morning  as a sailing instructor, 1964, Camp Comak, Lake St Nora, Haliburton, Ontario.   Norburgs were used for racing, and I taught knots, terminology and sailing techniques. This photo as well as the one above was taken, developed and printed by Don who had fun posting and selling 8 by 10 photos of camp life on a daily basis.
View of the old Comak location in 2003 on the island from across the lake on the new Comak cottage road. Camp Comak closed in the early 70's and the buildings were sold as cottages.  A road was built around St Nora Lake and cottages now line the shore.  Don was a great believer in the social and physical skills and qualities developed in youth by summer camps and had always believed he would work in one during his summers as a teacher.
Don attended speech pathology, later in high school, upgraded to Speech Arts.
Margaret Pugh's graduation, 1964 from Queen's University.  In 1961 Dad frequently worked in NYC and took us there to visit in 1964. (photos)



Family trip to Gaspe, 1965,  Parents Caribbean Cruise 1964,
Throughout high school until 1966 Don and George regularly attended a Friday night teen square dance club.  Calling was by Mr Williamson, but was taken over by his son, David, my age, who became highly skilled as the entire group progressed to more complex dances over the years.  Don had dinner with David in 2003,  who stills calls square dances weekly, forty years later.  His children said, 'that's an old people's activity' with most of the photos viewed on the web suggesting this is now  true.
Graduating from year 12 in 1965.  Year 13 was the challenge, with university entry exams in 1966.
Graduation from Grade 13, now abandoned by the Education Department. Other reports.
Montreal Expo 1967 Family Trip  Florida 1968 diving and 1970.
My sister Margaret marries Ken Richmond, Summer 1967. (Photos)