Don's picture and document gallery since his arrival in Australia in January 1978 to 1989            


Central Defining Event In Don's Life


   In November, 1977, Don and Janet Munro rented this home at 7 Brown Street, Claremont WA to accommodate themselves for 1978, while Don worked at Hamilton High School.  He had completed his Masters in Education at Murdoch University.
  Movie About the Accident


  At 4.00 am in the morning Dec 22, 1977 on a lonely stretch of the Nullarbor Desert, Don's  car rolled over, breaking his neck.  Don spent the next eight months in Royal Perth Rehabilitation Hospital.  He had become a quadriplegic.  Friends were shocked to get this letter in 1979.  Radio helped with the boredom. (Article in Amateur  Radio) The West Australian newspaper featured this article on its front page a week later following Don's horrendous catastrophe.
  My ward, Spinal Unit 11, Royal Perth Rehabilitation Hospital, for eight  months to Oct. 1979.
  Ernie and Hazel Pugh visited for six months, until June, 1979, staying with Janet at 17 Brown Street. George and Pat Pugh flew a plane around Australia, dropping in to visit. Mum and dad toured around Western Australia including Perth, the Pinnacles, (in 1982), Yanshep (1981), Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie
    Curtis, Don's nephew, made this video as a part of a school project, interviewing Don's sister, Margaret Richmond, about Don's early life and the impact of his accident and quadriplegia, in 1978. Curtis asks about Don's parents, Ernie and Hazel Pugh, and their views on raising children.

    Don's annual letter of 1980 and again in 1981 indicated a good recovery.  Don's sister Margaret and brother in law Ken Richmond continued to live in Ridgetown Ontario, teaching at the high school with Ken becoming the principal. They raised Chris and David.
  Because Don couldn't get into his low Capri, his parents used it in 1978, and then it was sold.  Don gave his ten speed bicycle and Scuba gear away.  His pilot license wasn't of any use to him either.  Many adjustments needed to be made.  Don's dad built a ramp to the entry of  his 17 Brown Street rental home.
  (PHOTOS)  In September 1979, Don was moved from Royal Perth Rehabilitation Hospital to the Quadriplegic Centre next door.  During his three years residency there until January, 1983, he was active on the resident's committee and organised for the construction of an amateur radio building and station.
  Don, VK6DN operating. Getting a transportable building for a ham shack and organising the erection of 25 metre tower with Daiwa rotator and Hi  Gain TH3JR antenna involved considerable work on DON'S part.  There was getting elected onto the resident's committee and generating support of fellow residents. Ivor Broughton, a licensed ham, and fellow resident was enthusiastic.  Then came the task of getting the approval of the Para Quad Association. They approved without offering financial support.  Don wrote numerous letters to many service clubs and went out to their meetings to promote the cause.  About $15,000.00 was needed. A combined effort by the Subiaco Lions Club and Rotary Club raised the funds by holding dances at the Para Quad gymnasium and the radio shack opened in September, 1980. Don donated his radio equipment, a Swan 350 HF transceiver. It is still there in 2007, when Don retired and began to use it again. Don's activities were in addition to full time employment, forty hours a week, commenced Sept., 1979 at Hamilton Senior High School.
  On release from his eight month hospital rehabilitation in September, 1979, Don returned immediately to  work as a curriculum coordinator at Hamilton Senior High School (photo).   (Article)  He appreciates the help of the principal, Frank Usher in his learning to drive and immediate full time employment. He moved into the Quadriplegic Centre from Nov. 1979 to Dec. 1982.


  In 1981 Don rented a PET Personal Computer from Murdoch University.  It had 16 kbyte of memory and no storage except a tape drive. My parents visited for six weeks in January, stopping off in Singapore and Bangkok on their return to Canada to sightsee.
  As Don's driver's license  did not include a hand control designation, he took lessons in hospital, passed the driving test, and purchased a Ford Marquis for $6000.00, V8, similar to the type of car he had driven in Canada. On release from hospital in September, 1978 he was ready to drive to work. It took Don over a year until he could transfer independently into and out of the car.  Don appreciated the help of Mike Hand and Gary Davidson who assisted him in his  daily drive to work.  Don drove a Marquis (Fairlane) until 1989, though his first one caught fire and burned in 1982. Lily assisted Don out of the car in the nick of time.
  Don broke up with his pre-accident girlfriend early in 1980.  During 1980 and 1981, Don was active dating girls and eating out with female friends.  His active social life improved his transfers into and out of the car.  By 1982 Don found Lily and in 1982 rented a home in Wembley which he shared with her on weekends, and visited weeknights after work until 9.00 pm.
  Don purchased an Apple II Personal Computer in 1982 with a primitive dot matrix printer, black and  white monitor, no floppy or hard drive and 32 kilobytes of RAM. Floppy drives were $800.00 and were released in 1983 with 128 kb of storage. He has consistently bought  new model computers and shown a strong interest in computing.
   Each year since 1982, Don and Lily have driven 270 kilometers east a few times to visit Lily's parents, her sister Robyn and later, Robyn and Ken, followed by Curtis, and then Britt on a thirteen thousand Muntagin hectar wheat and sheep farm. (Movie)  Robyn's husband, Ken, lived on a neighbouring farm.  Don enjoyed counting bobtail goannas, a type of lizard, and the dead dugites, a  highly venomous snake, often seen run-over on the road amidst vivid displays of yellow Wattle mixed with ghost gums, the green or gold of growing wheat and colourful sprinkles of Western Australian wild flowers.  Tragically, there are always dead and smelly kangaroos, some matching the size of a person.
  The year 1983 was Don's  year of hope when he received an insurance payout, purchased a house and some retail shops, moved out of the Quadriplegic Centre and got married. Don's parents visited for three months during the 82-83 summer, one of twelve trips they made before their deaths both reaching ninety years of age. (Obituary)
  Don with parents Ernie and Hazel, visiting from Canada, in Don's  and Lily's new home in Jan., 1983.
  Hong Kong skyline. Don and Lily travelled to Hong Kong in January,1983 for a week before the February 4, 1983 wedding.
    Hong Kong movie
  Don and Lily May Auld were married Feb. 4, 1983.  We are still happily married nearly thirty years later.  Lily doesn't allow pictures of herself on the internet so there are almost none on this site.
   Don upgraded his ham gear in Hong Kong, a complete Icom 720 radio, tuner and linear with a new tower for the house, rotator and TH5DX antenna.  Don continued to use CW as well as voice and played with packet radio.
  In December, 1983 Lily and Don had settled into their new home, sketched on the right.
  A Wheelchair Roll-in Shower.  From 1983, Don has employed personal care attendants two hours each morning five days a week to shower and dress him. Don gets on well with them.   Don's attendant Richard has worked for him for the  fourteen years.
  Mississippi River, New Orleans.  In January 1984, Don and Lily completed a six week around the world trip, which Don really enjoyed.  (1984 Review)
  By 1982 Don had installed an infra-red microphone, and then a voice operated headset to a two meter radio, so he could once again chat over amateur radio  repeaters while driving.  This helped speed up his forty minute drive to the North East Regional Office in Dianella. Don  has operated almost continuously on the Perth repeaters since 1982.
  In 1982, Don left Hamilton High School for a job with the Priorities Schools Programme with schools, working out of Regional Education Offices.  During the period between 1982 and 1987, he worked part-time between two to four days a week. Tasks performed included these in 1981 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1987
   In his free time, he undertook consultancy work, retailed products for the disabled, wrote witness proofs for local solicitors and attended a large number of courses on group processes, silva training, small group management, interpersonal skills, effectiveness training, counselling skills, behavioural management, and role playing.  Course List 1986  1987! Workshops Run 1985,  1986, 1987!  It was these courses which awakened his interest in becoming a psychologist.
  In 1984 he was proud to be involved as a curriculum consultant in Project 84, to provide a whole school focus for increasing the self-esteem of students in Cyril Jackson High School.  Don  was funded to evaluate the project and published a small book, Kids Helping Kids  (newspaper Review) (Second review) which was accepted by the Educational Resources Index Collection (ERIC) for publication.
  Don Pugh with Lou Thompson and students of Cyril Jackson Senior High School  Scan of Kids Helping Kids  Entry Edith Cowan Library
  Don worked as a curriculum coordinator from 1977 through to the end of 1987. He received these reports from Frank Usher, principal at Hamilton High School 1977-83 and wrote a Masters  of Education thesis about work in the school.
  In Jan., 1985 Don and Lily toured South Africa by car for six  weeks.   Don's  parents  joined in, then stayed with Don and Lily in Australia. (PHOTOGRAPHS)  (Dad's photos)  They toured New Delhi and Agra, India on their return to Canada.
  Don was employed by the Priority Schools Programme in the North East Regional Office from 1983 to the end of 1987.   He attended and ran many workshops and became committed to  using Metaplan.  He helped produce many newsletters for parents and teachers.   Don enjoyed working in a team environment to organise and run teacher  training.    Judy Johnson   was his line manager 1983 to 1987and Fred Gatti was Superindendant.
  In 1986 and 1987, Don was also the executive officer of the Caring Schools project, coordinating a school improvement programme in ten secondary schools. Review in Education Matters. Fred Gatti and Margaret Nadebaum wrote these comments about this project.
  During these years he felt the Priority Schools programme had a substantial impact in improving the quality of education for many students as exemplified by Project 84 and this project.
  Mount Everest,  Nepal.  Don and Lily spent six weeks in the summer of 85/86 travelling through Sri Lanka, India and Nepal.
The main resource of the island    Tea Plantation Workers. Don particularly enjoyed a week in Sri Lanka and visiting tea plantations in Kandy.
    Movie (SRI LANKA)
Camel rides are available along Cable Beach,  the most spectacular being at sunset when the tide is out.   Sunset camel rides on Cable Beach.  Don drove to Broome for two weeks in the northern part of West Australia in the winter of  1986.  Lily flew to England.
    Broome Movies
Well well, so the special observatory does allow ya to catch stuff u can't see from the main one. Mt Fuji rising above the Tokyo city skyline in the distance. Man oh man, despite being so far away, its still a magnificent sight.   Mount Fuji Behind Tokyo, Japan.  Don and Lily completed an eight week around the world trip during the summer of 1986/1987. We included Japan as well as Canada.  My parents joined Lily and myself in Tokyo, Japan for a week, then joined us for a month in Perth.  They visited Cairo, toured the Nile River, then Greece on their way back to Canada.
  Australian citizenship 1987 while retaining my Canadian citizenship.  I was alone in the council office and it took five minutes.  "I never get to do this in Peppermint Grove," the clerk mumured.  "New applicant citizens are all living in surburbia."
  Cartoon sketch of Don on his resignation in Dec., 1987 from the Priority Schools Programme.
   Don terminated his job in Dec., 1987 and flew to Canada to travel for the entire year in 1988. Annual Christmas Review Letter.   Follow up Letter 1988/89
  In 1988, Don with Lily travelled to Canada for a whole year.   Don purchased this camper bus, added a wheelchair lift, drove from Ontario to Key West, Florida, across the US to San Diego, then up to the Yukon and Alaska, and back to Ontario. The trip took eight months from Feb. to October. Don and Lily returned to Perth by way of New Zealand in January, 1979. (FEW PHOTOS) (MOVIES FROM PHOTOS)
  Don dropped into many places from Juneau. Alaska to Key West, Florida. Here Don visited Gail Emmerson in Elliott Lake, Ontario. (Elliott Lake Tabloid,   Dated 19 Sept., 1988.)  From here, he drove to Cochrane, Ontario and caught the Polar Bear Express to Moosonee, Ontario on James Bay, where he had worked for four months in 1971.  This article appeared in the Moosonee paper.
    Movie Polar Bear Express
  This article written by Gail Emmerson was published in the Algoma News Review Wed. Oct 12, 1988.
  Margaret Richmond, Harold Auld and Don, Oct. 1988 in Ridgetown, Ontario.
  Hazel Pugh, Don's mum outside her home at 111 Palmer Rd., Belleville, Ontario in 1988.  Lily's Oldsmobile to right nicknamed the 'bushpig', purchased for $1000. was driven during our one year Canadian holiday.  Don's parents resided here from 1958 to 1998. Note the increase in vegetation from the 1960s photo. Newspaper Article in home newspaper.
   In March 1989, Don commenced full-time study at Murdoch University to become a psychologist. (essays here)
  On his return from Canada in early 1989, at the age of 42, Don enrolled to complete a Bachelor of Psychology at Murdoch University. Don applied  unsuccessfully for the position of Equity Officer with this resume after a year at Murdoch. He obtained a BA in Psychology from Murdoch University in 1990.
  In 1989, large numbers of very cheap second hand Japanese cars were being imported into Perth. Don replaced his old Ford Fairlane with a two year old Honda Accord, with 30,000 km, for  $6,000. He liked the air springs which enabled him to raise the height of the car to assist in his transfer into a wheelchair.  Don appreciated the help of Mike Cooper VK6FO in helping him locate this deal.
  Don consistently purchased new computers every three years but none this expensive. (1989)