Don's Photo Archives During his University Years 1966-71
  Both Don's sister Margaret and Don's brother George were given piano  lessons for many years. Neither were musically inclined and both dropped music, when parental pressures terminated. Don decided to have a go.  In 1966 to 1968 Don practiced daily on an acoustic guitar, and attended guitar lessons. In spite of an investment of many hours, Don realized that liking music did not mean that he was musically talented.  By 1968 he used his time instead to learn  Morse Code with much greater success.
  In Sept., 1966 Don commenced an Honours History programme at Queen's University. 
  Don's first year's accommodation was in university residence, Donald Gordon House.
  My brother George worked as a lifeguard at the Sandbanks Provincial Park for three summers. He writes: "Interesting...I'm holding a 'classic' scout stave :)) Youngsters are just visitors.  Radio may have have been vacuum tube...or our first transisterized unit. Location is at Outlet Beach."


  George also obtained a private pilot's licence and ham licence.
  Don was an officer cadet in the University Naval Training Division in 1967-1968 during his first two years at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.  He spent the summer of 1967 in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia and the summer of 1968 in Esquimalt, Victoria, British Columbia.  The picture shows a 3.5 inch gun which fires 37 lb shells, at 40 rounds per minute. My darkroom skills gained Don a job assisting with the naval yearbook, taking and printing photos such as this one.
  University Naval Training Division, Cataraqui 1967 taken in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia
  In August 1967, Don cruised down the Great Lakes from Lake Superior escorting the twelve voyageur canoes representing each Canadian Province which were racing across Canada for Canada's  centennial celebrations.  Don was sad to miss his sister Margaret's wedding to Ken Richmond because he was aboard ship and refused leave.

  VIEW FROM Bridge/Pont Jacque Cartier  Don visited the Montreal  in September, 1967. Movie
  During his second year in 1967/68 Don and his friend John Bateman rented the upstairs front rooms in this old nineteenth century home.  Don and John were learning about Queen's 'slum' dwellings.
  Don as part of the University Naval Training Division, Cataraqui 1968 taken in Esquimalt Naval Base, Victoria, BC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Located just West of Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Cdn.   Saskatchewan Wheat Fields and the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Located just West of Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Cda.
The navy paid for a four day Canadian Pacific  rail trip from Toronto to Vancouver in April, 1968.
In the state of Oregon looking across the river at the state of Washington   Don cruised from Victoria British Columbia down the Pacific coastline and up the Columbia River to Portland, Oregon with the navy in July, 1968. A view of the Columbia River Gorge and the Vista House from Portland Women's Forum State Park
All by myself agian... going to meet Animal in Baniff.... what a beautiful ride!   Don bought a motorcycle in Victoria.  He explored the Vancouver Island and visited a cottage belonging to the Youngs on Sawingan Lake on  many weekends.  Don took a week to ride back across Canada in Aug/Sept 1968 from Victoria, BC to Kingston, Ontario on the 250 cc motorcycle. Don was soaking wet crossing the Rocky Mountains during a two day rain  storm and nearly froze. He had watched the film Easy Rider and found the reality of long distance motor cycle riding very different.  He camped at night.

My father Ernie worked in Los Angles from 1966 to 1971 on the Interstat IV and Anik 1 satellites as senior project enginee. With his work and retirement travel Hazel and he have driven almost every interstate highway in the USA as well as many secondary roads. They have crossed the Rocky Mountain Continental Divide by twenty three different passes, mostly in winter. 

Grand Canyon and SW USA    1965 Air Flights  1968 LA Trip


  Don earned this during my third year at university in 1969, listening to morse code for four months to get his speed up.
    Fort Lauderdale Beach
  Don spent Easter, 1967 and again in 1968, his third year at university, with family in  Florida.
In 1969 and 1970, 1971 and 1972 he visited Florida with friends, "the conch gang" at Christmas.
  Don's sister Margaret Elizabeth Pugh (PHOTOS) with Don's mother, Hazel, graduating with a BA from Queen's University, APRIL, 1964. Margaret taught high school before becoming a school librarian. She was married to Ken Richmond in Belleville, 1967, (PHOTOS), raised David and Chris, and retired in 2000.
  George Pugh and girl friend Pat Long.  1970 They dated throughout university, then married.  Their three boys are Trevor, Kevin and Steven.
  1968 family photo.  Don had ridden the motorcycle from Victoria, BC to Toronto where my cousin Robert (son of Albert Pugh)  was a professor of physics at University of Toronto. Robert has retired to run a book store in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Robert's daughter, Nina, the little girl on the motorcycle now resides in Portland, Oregon.
Wheelchair Nomad : A Quadriplegic’s Account of His Five-Month World Trip 2003 Surf   Don shared the right side of this duplex with four friends in  September, 1968 to April, 1970.  These included John Bateman, Doug Rigsby, John Miller, and Bill O'Halloran.
  Unfortunately, Don spent many weekends, including Friday and Saturday nights in the four story stack of Douglas Library ferreting through old newspapers, government reports and books, doing primary research for his Honours History courses.  In reflection, he wishes  he had dated more Queen's girls.
  Lego Dragon
Downtown Disney, Orlando, Florida Don drove to Orlando with university friends for the Christmas of 1969.  The trip was made non-stop with twenty-four hours of driving.
  graduation April, 1970 Hons BA in History, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario Fellow Hons BA graduates here (Marks)    Don graduated with a major in History and minors in Economics  and Politics.
  Graduation 1970 with Honours History friends, from left Murray Barkley, James Pendergest, and Allen Armit.
  George, my brother, graduation 1971 B Sc Eng  Queen's U. George completed a M SC in 1973 then entered medicine at University of British     Columbia, Vancouver.  He is a doctor specialising in emergency at Mt St Joseph's hospital, Vancouver.
  Parachute logbook from first freefall jump 1970 Here's how it felt!
   Northern Ontario. After finishing my naval training during 1967-68, I obtained a position paddling canoe routes in Northern Ontario.  In 1969 I worked out of Dryden, Ontario for four months.  My canoe route reports were fun to write.
  Don shared a flat off Yonge Street with brother George and two other students. From April to August, 1970 he worked in Queen's Park, Toronto, in the Whitney Block, Lands and Forests, in the tall building to the right of the statue.  Don was flown to Northern Ontario to paddle three canoe routes, described below.
   Conjuring House Rock, Missinaibi River.  I was employed out of Toronto, 1970/71, and wrote the first draft of  Northern Ontario Canoe Routes during May and June, 1970. See Scenic Canoeing photos.
  In the 1970 Christmas holidays my parents were in Hawaii. I was in Freeport, Bahamas. George writes: "I enjoyed the pictures, particularly of Dad up to his knees in Hawaii. He was never much interested in getting cold after he turned 40 :))  No skiing and no swimming."
  In 1971 Don worked in Queen's Park, Toronto during May and June on a historical interpretative centre, the Cochrane Railway Museum.  In July and August, Don was based in Cochrane, Ontario while he paddling a number of canoe routes including the lower Missinaibi River and the Mattagami River.
  Don also was sent on the Polar Bear Express to Moosonee and Moose Factory (PHOTOS)  on James Bay and was flown in a 1930's Albatross to Fort Albany (PHOTOS) to interview an old retired fur trader.  The interview was published in Moccasin Footprints, the internal magazine of the Hudson Bay Company.
  Don's most scenic trip was a 1970 canoe trip through Killarney Provincial Park for a week.  My reports covered more than canoe routes as this canoe route report for Killarney Provincial Park exemplifies.
Close to Thessalon Ontario   Don also canoed the Mississaugi River in 1970 from its headwaters to Iron Bridge on Highway 17 in 1970.
Beach in Freeport Bahamas   Beach in Freeport Bahamas
The Christmas of 1970 was spent in the Freeport, Bahamas with a group of university friends including Al Armit, Brian McCue and Joe Muetze..
  Ernie and Hazel Pugh at George and Pat Pugh's wedding in Belleville, Ontario. (PHOTOS)
  Ernie and Hazel Pugh with sister Margaret and Ken Richmond and Don. 1971(PHOTOS)
  Sloppy Joe's Bar.  Don spent the Christmas of 1971 in Key West, Florida with friends.  My parents spent Christmas in Hawaii in 1971 which they again visited in 1973.  They also toured all over the South Western USA including the Grand Canyon between 1971 and 1974.  They also visited New Mexico in 1972 and  toured Spain in 1973.
The West Block of Parliament     West Parliament Building During 1971, I attended Carleton University in Ottawa.  I completed coursework for a Masters of Arts degree and wrote a MA thesis on the Indians around Moose Factory.