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The organized child // Nine may be a little young for a day planner, but not too early to start helping Mom and Dad keep track of the soccer games and homework assignments and hockey practice and B...
Date: 11-30-1998; Publication: Minneapolis Star Tribune; Author: Angela Harris

strategies organized study checklist school   

Teacher-Selected Strategies for Improving Homework Completion Date: 09-01-1998; Publication: Remedial & Special Education; Author: TANIS BRYAN AND KAREN SULLIVAN-BURSTEIN

Teaching Effective Study Skills Date: 05-03-2002; Publication: Jerusalem Post; Author: Dr Batya L Ludman

Staying organized may help some students accomplish goals Date: 02-05-2003; Publication: University Wire; Author: Karen Hunt

Lost My Homework: Strategies for Improving Organization in Students with ADHD Date: 05-01-1997; Publication: Intervention in School & Clinic; Author: Melissa Stormont-Spurgin