Changing Tracks Programs
Changing Attitudes and Behaviour of Children Adolescents and Adults

Institute of Personal & Professional Development

Changing Tracks is a strategy for helping all students but especially those at risk to take responsibility for their academic and social behaviour and to understand the consequences of their actions. These programs are designed to provide the motivation and skills to make changes for students who suffer from low self esteem or negative views about others, underachievement, inappropriate social behaviour, lack of self responsibility, an inability to think rationally and logically.

Program 1 Changing Tracks (8 - 12 year olds) TRACKS.pdf
Program 2 Tracking Success (13 - 18 year olds)
Program 3 Regaining Personal Power (adolescent at risk)
Program 4 Changing Tracks to a Life of Choice (adults)
Program 5 Changing Tracks to Effective Parenting
Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom EI.pdf

A detailed manual is supplied as part of the training.

Other related resources are available.

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