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 The Basin Rottnest Island


These tiny furry marsupials are found only on Rottnest Island.  They are common and approach you for feeding.


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Rottnest has a checkered past, being a former Aboriginal penal settlement and a prisoner-of-war camp, but it is a truly beautiful, fascinating island, 11km by 5km, and a great day trip by boat from Perth, West Australia.

This is big Bill from way down under, on holiday from Napanee, Ontario.  My good friend Don and I spent a great day on Rottnest Island, 20 km off the Perth coastline, in the sparkling clear Indian Ocean,  not too long ago....

We started our day quiet early and headed down to the Emma Place, north mole harbor in Fremante, to cath our boat.  We had a great ferry ride over, $40.00 return, 25 minutes and all was looking well, at least that is what I thought. You see, we decided that I should rent a bike, $20.00 a day, to explore the island's well paved, traffic free roads. Don took his Sunrise Medical Quickie P222, a toxic green coloured wheelchair capable of 11 kph, with a range of 45 km.. I did get a 10 speed bike and as the trip (race) started out easy, amidst hordes of eager cyclists, so did the ride. That is until I hit my first hill and Don powered up at 11 kmh shouting "Big Beaver Bill, get a move on."  I had ridden for over 20 minutes and was having doubts with the ocean breeze and hot sun..  We saw some fantastic sights, empty white sand beaches, cobalt blue waters, a white lighthouse and beautifully knarled wind-blown trees.   But my butt was really getting sore, really soon and was just about mush by the time we had finished, after a four hour circuit of 40 kms.  I guess there is a moral to this day besides no pain, no gain. Don could have slowed down.  I was walking like a bowlegged cowboy.  Perhaps it is as simple as this.  If you are going to spend the day, riding 30 kms flat out on a bike, get some trial runs in first or you will be doing a lot of standing in the weeks to come. Also be sure to take lots of water and a hat and avoid racing wheelchairs. 

Ferry schedules  Our ferry with well equipped bar and dance floor.  Taking your own bike is no hassle..
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